Introducing Trulicious Liquid

It’s the ultimate diet killer – those cravings we all get for soda and sweet drinks!  Just one 12 ounce can of soda a day – the average American consumes far more – will, if not worked off, cause you to gain more than 15 pounds a year!  In fact, for many of us, it may not be so much the food we eat, but the sugar and calories we get from beverages that accounts for those few extra pounds we put on every year.
Think fruit juice is a healthier choice?  It’s really not.  Most fruit juices have as much or more sugar and calories than soda.  Diet soda? They’re associated with a growing variety of health risks including kidney damage.
So what exactly is one to do with those powerful cravings?  We’ve happy to introduce a new product from Blue Earth Nutrition that is both affordable – it’s just a fraction of the cost per serving of soda – and delicious.  It’s called Trulicious Liquid.  With an ingredient list similar to powdered Trulicious including Stevia, Monk Fruit and  Erythritol, Trulicious Liquid delivers a smooth, sweet taste with no bitter aftertaste.
Best of all, it’s conveniently packaged in 2 ounce bottles which you can easily slip into a purse or pocket.  Going out to eat?  Resist the temptation to order soda and add a few drops of Trulicious Liquid to your water.  You’ll be surprised at how well it satisfies the urge for something sweet.
Trulicious Liquid comes in six great flavors: Orange, Lemon, Vanilla, Peppermint, Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Original (no flavor).  The recommended serving is 10-15 drops added to 8 ounces of water or any other beverage.  At that rate, each bottle should provide about 135 servings.  But we found the recommended serving to be not quite sweet enough.  So you may find you prefer to use double the recommended serving size as we did.  In either case, at $0.10 to $0.20 per serving, you’ll find it to be cheaper than soda and much cheaper than juice.

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