HCG Diet Support Bundle

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HCG Diet Support Bundle contains:

  • Liquid B12 Complex 1oz
  • Raspberry Ketones Appetite Control
  • Fat Burner
  • Gnarly Whey Protein
  • Lemonade Diet

Liquid B12 Complex


Gnarly Whey Protein

Derived purely from antibiotic-free, non-rBGH grass-fed cow’s milk, Gnarly Whey is a whey protein concentrate that delivers healthy fats, omega-3 acids and other nutritional essentials that support muscle synthesis and immune health—perfect for replenishing your body after a tough workout.


Lemonade Diet (Plateau Breaker)

Hit a weight loss plateau? Don’t get discouraged. Having a stretch where weight loss slows to nothing is a natural phenomenon. You’re consuming fewer calories than you used to, so your metabolism has slowed down to conserve them. The Lemonade Diet drink is made up of natural ingredients, specially combined to move you through that plateau.

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Liquid B12 Complex

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Gnarly Whey Protein

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