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Nathalie Lost 70lbs



When I started the diet I was 251.4 lbs and was wearing a size 18 jeans.Now, I weigh 181 and am in a size 12 but they are baggy! I did 4 rounds. I didn’t log exactly how much I lost on each round. Some of my times on p3 I did gain some weight back so it averaged to about almost 20 lbs on each round. I’m currently on one though on my way to reaching 160 lbs!

“Now, I weigh 181 and am in a size 12 but they are baggy!”

My journey has definitely been a long one

However it was the best thing I did in my life. My first round I started out very strong and was 100% mentally prepared for this journey. Through the year I admit I have had many temptations around me and I admit, I did give in some of the times. Everyone is human and this journey is definitely one that you have to be completely focused on. For me, dieting through the holidays had it’s ups and downs. I did decide to bake some of my own things for some family gatherings. They of course would see I wasn’t eating any of it and instead of saying “I wish I could” I would remind myself that I knew exactly what I put in that pie and I knew just how bad it was for me! That really helped me to stay on track and to make some healthier choices. Because I started this journey at 250 lbs, I was really focused on getting back to the infamous “onederlands”! The day that it happened in my second round was truly a wonderful day for me. During this year, I was proposed to!! Now, losing this weight was because of another reason than just being a healthier me, every bride wants to look stunning in their wedding dress, right?! I couldn’t even imagine trying dresses on at my previous weight, just shopping alone for every day clothes felt like a chore. Getting to try on beautiful white gowns was so enjoyable at the weight I was. I found the one! And I went back a month later and the “sample size” was baggy on me but when I first tried it it was very tight! That was truly a happy moment for me.

Since I am still working on my weight, I will be even smaller for my wedding which is in just 3 and a half months! I have so many thanks for the hcg diet for helping me get to the best me I could be for my most special day. People that don’t see me daily are truly in awe when they see the weight I have lost. It has encouraged quite a few people to also change their lifestyles. This is something that works and is the best way I have found for me to be able to be a healthier person. I am happy and proud of myself to have been able to become a healthy role model for my 2 year old daughter. The last thing I want is for her to be over weight at any point in her life. It is also showing her to make healthier choices and to enjoy the food also! Any one can do this with the right mentality, support and goals to becoming a healthier version of you.

“HCG Diet helped me to stay on track and make some healthier choices.”

This journey also made me realize something very important

I’m okay with admitting, I’m a food addict. My love for food started as a young child because I wanted to be just like my dad and wanted to eat everything the same as him! Growing up, my parents were often not home so I never truly learned about food and the way I should’ve been eating. This journey helped me tremendously with my confidence, learning how to love my new healthier food choices and being a better role model for my daughter. I also have lost a great amount of weight, have introduced others to this diet, have been involved and encouraging towards others and most importantly I have become so happy with who I am!! Once again I truly thank you the past year and for helping me get to my goals. Anther thing, just because the year is over doesn’t mean I’m done! I’m on a round now and will keep going till my goal! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

“This journey helped me tremendously with my confidence.”

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