Fructose v. Sucrose: Is the Sugar in Fruit Bad for you?

July 17, 2014 1 Comment

This graphic from Greatist illustrates how many grams of sugar are in fruit. However, this information is misleading.Have you ever seen those charts that compare certain fruits to sugar packets? They explain that eating an orange is basically the same as eating  9 sugar packets. If you’re watching your sugar and carbohydrate intake, that information […]

Can a very low calorie diet cure type 2 diabetes?

January 8, 2014 No Comments

Type 2 diabetes, which afflicts 8.3% of the US population, has long been considered a permanent condition.  Once you have it, you’ll spend the rest of your life managing it, or so the thinking goes.  But can type 2 diabetes be cured? There is increasing evidence that type 2 diabetes, in many patients, can actually […]