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How much weight can you lose on the HCG diet?

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Is HCG Diet safe?

Developed for rapid weight loss.

The HCG diet is made in an FDA approved lab and has been carefully developed by health experts who know what your body needs and how to make sure you have the proper nutrition while losing weight. Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully used the HCG diet and obtained phenomenal weight loss results with absolutely no side effects.

Lose weight safely

While on the HCG diet, most people don't experience any side effects. If you do come across some initial headaches and dizziness, you can easily correct these with proper hydration. Here are some tips to ensure you lose weight safely while on the HCG diet:

Follow the directions exactly.

Do not skip meals.

Remember to stay hydrated.

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What Can I Eat On The HCG Diet?

Foods You are Allowed to Eat.

With plenty of recipes and hearty, fresh foods to choose from, you’ll have loads of eating variety to keep you satisfied while on the diet. While some diet plans only supply vague guidelines to follow, the HCG Triumph kit includes a detailed list of foods you can enjoy while losing weight. So you can have an idea of what to expect while getting in shape, here’s the HCG diet food list for phases two and three:

What Is The Routine While On The HCG Diet?

It is simple, but takes dedication.

You can do anything for 26 days. The dedication comes in after the diet is over. Training your body not to go back to your old life style is hard but you can do it! HCG helps you drop weight fast but it is up to you to keep the weight off. Below is the simple protocol for the HCG Diet.

The HCG Diet Protocol

Phase 1

Fat Loading

Day: 1-2
Loading + HCG Diet Drops

Phase 2

Low Calorie

Day: 3-26
Low Calorie + HCG Diet Drops + B12

Phase 3


3 weeks: 1500 calories
Adjusting to body weight.

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