Changing the Way We Think About the HCG Diet

You’ve heard about the HCG Diet, maybe you’ve even tried it.  Here’s the thing: there is a stigma that surrounds the HCG Diet.  Today, our goal is to clear up some of the HCG Diet controversy. Many of our clients hesitate to start the diet because of something they have heard; we’ve also had clients who are nervous to tell their friends and family they’ve started the diet because they are nervous about what people will say. Today we are going to change the way you think about the HCG Diet.

First, let’s address the two most common concerns our coaches hear from clients.

Common Concerns About the HCG Diet

 “I would lose the same amount of weight if I were eating 500 calories, with or without the drops.” Initially, this is true, but if you do the HCG Diet without the drops, about 10 days into your journey you’ll notice that you don’t lose as much weight. This is because your body has gone into starvation mode. Triumph drops help your body burn fat and not muscle. If your body goes into starvation mode. They also prevent your body from going into starvation mode. Not only will you lose weight on the drops, you’ll feel much better and be healthier than doing the diet without the drops.

“I’ll gain the weight back.”  The HCG protocol is designed to help you succeed, but you have to follow the protocol. Like all diets, if you abandon your healthy habits, you will gain the weight back.  The HCG Diet is broken into three phases to make maintaining easier to understand. Phase 3 is dedicated to teaching you the healthy habits required to maintain your weight loss. If you complete Phase 3 and implement the things like calorie counting, and exercise that you started, you can maintain your weight loss.

Next, let’s talk about some of the negative stigma that some of our clients encounter when they talk to their friends about doing the HCG Diet

Negative HCG Diet Stigma

The most common thing our clients hear is that they are taking the easy way out. The HCG Diet is not an easy way out. It’s a difficult diet that requires dedication. It is not a quick fix. While the diet itself only lasts 26-40 days, your dedication to complete maintenance and start living a healthier lifestyle goes beyond that. The HCG Diet has been around since the 50s. It’s not a fad or a trend, it’s a program that was designed by Dr. Simeons.  One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is thinking that HCG is a magic potion or a cure all. While the formula can help your body burn stored fat and suppress your appetite, it will not take away the negative habits that made you gain weight initially. You still need to address those as you begin your weight loss journey. The Triumph formula is a supplement that works when used with a protocol, but it is not a magic potion.

Since we’ve addressed a lot of what the HCG Diet isn’t we now want to address what the diet is. 

What is the HCG Diet, Really?

The HCG Diet is a jump start into a healthier lifestyle. It’s that simple.  HCG helps you lose enough weight to start feeling comfortable with your body again. When you are done with the HCG Diet, you complete the maintenance phase where you start exercising and learning to track your calories and carbohydrates. This is the next step toward a better lifestyle. The maintenance phase is meant to teach you how to be healthy, and it is critical to success on the HCG Diet. After this phase is complete, you are ready to dive head in to your new, healthy lifestyle. You now know how to track calories, choose healthier food options, and exercise. Moving forward, you have a fresh start with life.  One thing that we try to teach our clients is that when you have weight to lose, especially when you’ve tried all different kinds of programs, it’s hard to stay motivated long enough to lose as much as you need to. This is due to a couple reasons: 1) You aren’t seeing results despite your hard work. 2) Your body hasn’t had the opportunity to detox from the junk you used to eat so when you finish your diet, you return to junk. For a lot of our clients, they have tried a myriad of programs but HCG is the only thing that works for them. We believe this is because you see results more quickly than you would with other programs, and the 26-40 low calorie portion of the diet gives you the opportunity to detox from the crap that would normally make maintaining very difficult.

The bottom line is this: When the program is followed correctly, you can lose weight with HCG. HCG Diet controversy aside, we have helped some clients lose more than 100 pounds. After you lose weight, we won’t abandon you! We are here to guide your entire program start to finish. Our free HCG Diet coaches are here to make sure that each Phase of your HCG Diet is a success, and they are here to provide the support you need to jump start yourself into a healthier lifestyle.


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