Control Your Hunger on The HCG Diet

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Teaching your body to control your hunger can be super tricky when starting the HCG diet. Here is a great infographic to help you with some simple tips to fighting those hunger pains.

Simple Tips

1. Clean – Keep Distracted by cleaning around the house. Who would have thought a diet could make your home cleaner than ever?

2. Exercise – Even if it’s just taking a short walk, physical movement can make it easy for cravings to subside.

3. Spend time with family – Your family may be one of the reasons you’re so set on losing weight. If this is the case, spending time with them is a good way to remind yourself why you’re depriving yourself of treats and sweets in the first place.

4. Watch a movie – Grad a blanket, a bottle of water, and set yourself up in the living room. Pick a film and enjoy.

5. Look at your food different – Every time you start craving unhealthy food, picture them covered in worms. Hopefully that thought makes those foods a little less appetizing.

6. Stay Hydrated – Keep sipping on water. Drink water through-out the day keeps your appetite at bay.

7. Go to bed early – Sometimes, when all else fails, you just have to go to sleep a little early to keep yourself from raiding the kitchen. That OK, your body will appreciate the extra sleep anyway.

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