Dehydration stalls weight loss.

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What Should You Do?

As you start your journey of weight loss, one thing you are very likely looking at is your meals. You want to make sure that you’re giving your body precisely what it needs but not over feed it where it stores fat. But, are you overlooking another critical element in the game? Many people aren’t giving nearly as much consideration to what they’re drinking in and around weight loss.

But they should.

The impacts of dehydration on weight loss are significant and this could be one factor that improves weight loss. Let’s look at how dehydration will impact you so that you can get straight how important this is.

Muscular Endurance

The very first manner in which dehydration impacts you is with your muscular endurance. Basically, you are going to feel fatigue quicker during the day. Your body needs to move in order to loose weight.

Fluid losses equal to just 1-2% of your total body weight will negatively impact your weight loss. The primary reason this tends to occur is because the maximum pumping capacity of the heart that can be achieved during the day will decrease, which then decreases overall activity capacity. In addition, the decrease in plasma volume will mean that there is a lower blood pressure and blood is thicker, which can also induce feelings of fatigue.

Muscular Strength

Don’t think that if you aren’t exercising you’re protected from these harmful effects of dehydration. That is not the case at all.

In addition to seeing declines in endurance, you’ll also see declines in physical strength. When around 3% of total body weight in dehydration occurs, this can result in strength losses of up to 5%, showing a greater magnitude than the dehydration itself.

Therefore, this is going to be very problematic for those who have more weight to loose. This again is going to be due to decreased reduction in blood flow and blood pressure along with an increase in core temperature.

One additional point to know here is that dehydration can also increase the rate of glycogen use by the muscle tissues, and since during strenuous activities muscle glycogen is the primary fuel being utilized, this will have a significant influence on your ability to generate force over time.

Focus And Concentration

Finally, dehydration can also influence your ability to focus and concentration. This is huge as weigh loss takes a lot of focus and concentration. When we loos focus we tend to look at the here and now not the what can be. At this point it is easy to give up.

If you don’t have the mental tenacity that you need to pursue weight loss due to dehydration, you won’t be concentrating on your future goal, thus you will be mentally weaker overall and give into temptation.

Maintaining a strong level of concentration is imperative for weight loss and dehydration will prevent you from doing so. Some may also find they start experiencing headaches during weight loss as well and some may even become light-headed or dizzy if blood pressure gets too low. This could then go on to impact balance, making it harder to to focus.

So there you have the main areas that dehydration will influence your weight loss. To maintain adequate hydration, make sure to drink when you are thirst. Make sure your are not only in taking H2O– but an electrolyte replacement drink through out the day. We recommend that you use Gnarly Hydrate. Electrolytes help your body work together properly. When you lack proper electrolytes your body misfires signals making it hard for your body to work fluidly.

If you do this, you can rest assured you are keeping yourself well hydrated.

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