Have a Fit Christmas: Healthy Gift Guide

This is the time of year when we think about giving the perfect gift to our loved ones. I dont like giving useless gifts though so I try to think of things that I can wrap that would be useful throughout the year. Health is the greatest gift of all! So here are a few items that can be wrapped up, opened, appreciated, and used all year long!

 The Ultimate Healthy Gift Guide

Fit tupperware

gift guide item 1: blenderbottle go stack

BlenderBottle Stacks are very handy to help put all your snacks in one place and fit easily into your bag and/or office fridge. And you can see what snacks you packed through the clear plastic. You can pack it with trail mix, nuts, berries, grapes, crackers, and veggie sticks. Get rid of those flimsy snack baggies that squish your berries. Give the gift they will use all year long.

The North Face Pullover

A North Face pullover is a comfy purchase to help you feel warm while you exercise. It is machine washable and super cute!

CrossFit Dice

For those of your family and friends that love working out but get stuck in a routine. CrossFit dice are a great way to help them get variety and great ideas for making their own workout plan. A very unique gift!

6 Pack Fitness Bags

is a great way to organize your fitness meals. It can be hard to stick to a diet plan if you aren’t prepared for the day.

Beardo hats

Need a white elephant gift? Get a Beardo Hat! No one will ever guess what you’ve wrapped up for them.This is a cute way to stay warm when outdoors. A very clever gift!

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Xtreme rollers

Xtreme rollers are a cool way to challenge yourself indoors and get a great workout. And it is a small enough size to fit in a package under the tree.

Nike Flex Run 2014

Most of us would love to run in comfort. Nike has some of the best styles for running. These are a great deal and would make a wonderful gift that someone can use all throughout the year.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Garmin Vivofit fitness band that you don’t need to constantly charge. It helps you track your steps taken, daily goals, distance you’ve ran, and time. It will even give you an alert when it’s time to move. For example, if you do not move for an hour a little red bar will show on the screen to remind you to move it! Pretty awesome!

Now is your head bubbling with ideas! I hope this list is getting you excited for Christmas day when the gifts can be opened and used! Your family and friends will be so grateful for such a thoughtful and useful gift. Happy shopping!


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