HCG Diet Contest: Karen Brock's 6 Month Update

In July, HCGDiet.com selected 10 contestants to compete for $1000. Their goal: to transform themselves using the HCG Diet. Nearly 6 months later, Karen has made excellent progress. She recently wrote:

The scale had me at 151 pounds this morning!  I turned 65 yesterday, so now officially beyond a senior citizen in some ways!  I was at 178 pounds last spring when I started on the hcg diet drops.  I started on May 18 and stayed true for the most part through my 40 days.  Lost 20 pounds and felt great!  Clothes looked better, got into some jeans that I had hung on to for years!  Also some other health problems seemed to get better, blood pressure, sinus congestion, energy level.  One of my friends started on the drops, and she has lost weight as well, Also my daughter is doing really great and still losing on maintenance.  Through the summer I keep my granddaughter all day and going on another round of drops I had a harder time keeping the routine going.  Did not lose much, but did not get discouraged.  Now I am using the green coffee bean capsules that you sent me, and feel like they help, as my weight has dropped a couple pounds even over Thanksgiving weekend!  The past month I have been under tremendous personal stress and usually I will gain weight when that happens.  At least I can feel better about that!  Thank you!  I hope to be able to get another round of drops going, either Jan or Feb.  But if I can keep losing even a pound a week before that, I will be feeling like a million bucks regardless!  I would like to get to 140 realistically, although right now feels good no matter what!  Have a Merry Christmas!


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– Karen Brock

Karen is using the 40 day kit on her weight loss journey. You can learn more about that kit here.
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