Make Money by Referring Friends to Your own HCG MyStore

Make Money Referring Friends“You look great!”

“Have you lost weight?”

“How did you do it?”

Since you lost weight with the HCG diet, how often do you hear comments and questions like these from friends, family and your co-workers? Do you tell them about your amazing, fast weight loss results? How many of your friends have ordered or are thinking about ordering an HCG Triumph kit for themselves? Most importantly, did you know that you can make money when they do?

At, we appreciate you and your enthusiasm for sharing your diet success with your loved ones. In fact, we want to pay you to share your story!

We’re inviting you to earn money by becoming a referral partner. With just a few clicks, you can set up your own HCG MyStore, register your page with HCG Triumph, and then share the link to your page anytime someone asks you how you lost weight. You’ll get paid every time somebody buys from your MyStore!

It’s easy to qualify as an official HCG MyStore referral partner. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. If you don’t have one already, create your account
  2. Log in and click the MyStores tab for your Dashboard
  3. Enter your PayPal account information (sign up here)
  4. Chose your unique username (used in creating your unique link that you’ll share with friends)

Once you have entered your PayPal information and selected your username, there is an approval process that could take up to 2 business days. You’ll get an email to notify you the process is complete


  • Send people to your custom link to buy products
  • Get paid commission on every sale made through your MyStore page

It’s really that easy! Once you’re approved and your store is set up, all you have to do is start sharing your link to help as many people lose weight as you want. We’ve even created tools to help make this as easy as possible—things like banners for you to share and a social sharing app that you’ll find in your dashboard. You may request payment from within your Dashboard anytime the amount owed to you is over $100.

The amount of money you make will depend on how many people you refer to your link and how many of those visitors end up buying. It’s not unreasonable to make $200, $300 or even $500 per month in passive income once you’ve sent your link out to friends, Facebook followers and Pinterest fans.

You’ll earn a flat 20% commission on products sold through your custom link. Here’s what that looks like:

With so much potential to earn money by sharing your success with people you know, why wait? There’s NO SIGN UP FEE, and NO MONTHLY FEE. What are you waiting for? Get Started Here!

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