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  • Jordan Kinghorn

    Matt, thank you for reaching out. Usually when people are not experiencing the weightloss they would like to see we first suggest to make sure that you are following protocol EXACTLY. If you are then you may be experiencing a stall. To help break stalls while on the diet, we suggest an Apple Day. This means eating one apple for each meal for one day and drinking lots of water. This usually helps your body to break through the stall and continue to lose weight.

  • gpasacha

    Hi Matt!

    I just wanted to say that it does work. I have done it on and off three times. Some people say that it loses potency after you’ve done it before – not true; at least not for me. The first time I did it was last year when I was getting myself ready to go to Greece. I weighed nearly 200 lbs. I had 3 weeks to lose my weight. I started dieting on my own and lost about 8 lbs. When I received the HCG, I had only 3 weeks and I lost in less than 3 weeks 15 lbs. I went to Greece – ate whatever I wanted and probably gained 5 lbs. When, I came back I still had about 2 weeks of HCG so I used and lost the weight I put on and then some. I went back to my doctor in Palm Springs and did another round. Incredibly, I dropped even more weight – I was not weighing like 166 lbs. For me, it was heaven because even though I was still heavier than my goal… I hadn’t been that weight in a long time. Recently, after some major stress in my life and going back to my emotional eating I gained about 20 lbs. so I went back on my third round of HCG (more than a year from when I started). This is DAY 4 and I’ve lost 8 lbs.

    I am using the INJECTIONS because they give the best results. They drops didn’t work for me.
    I inject about an inch away from my belly. I have a weight watchers scale… my chicken/beef is weighed. I eat about 100 grams a day of meat (weigh it raw). I have two cups of strawberries, which I eat throughout the day and cucumbers too.

    For seasoning, I use lemon, season salt, and a bit of pepper… if it tastes too bland I throw curry.
    I only drink water.

    I stay with the same diet until I am done. Sometimes, I make ceviche with only shrimps, and cucumbers if I am tempted to break diet because of monotony, but for now I’m good because it is only Day 4 and I have about 21 more days to go.

    I know you posted this about a year ago, but perhaps it will help someone else if not you.


  • Samantha

    Are digestive enzymes okay during the low calorie phase?

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