6 Reasons to Start a Diet During Summer

6 Reasons Summer Diet
Spring time is generally spent getting your body ready for summer. Once summer comes, either you’re ready or not, right? And if you’re not ready, then chances are you’ll wait til fall or even January first to start your diet.  A lot of people think that you shouldn’t diet during the summer. However common that idea is, we have 6 reasons why you SHOULD diet during summer.

1. Produce is cheaper during summer.
The price of a lot of produce favorites come down since more fruits and vegetables are in season. For instance strawberries and raspberries become much more affordable. Many farmers markets start opening up and you can get locally grown fruits and vegetables for a fraction of what they cost during the winter months.

Summer Dieting Tip: shop farmers markets2. Chances are you’re already being more active.
The days are longer and the sun is out. There are plenty of opportunities for soaking up some of those rays at the swimming pool or on the trail. So while you’re being more active, why not adjust your diet a bit too? It’s a lot easier to adjust your diet when you’re already reaping the benefits of being more active.

3. You’ll feel your best in your bathing suit.
No one wants to feel bloated and yucky at the pool. Starting a diet during the summer will help you feel healthier and more confident when it’s time to slip on your bathing suit. By dieting during the summer, you’ll be skipping out on those big meals that leave you feeling bloated and over-stuffed.

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4. It’s easier to get friends to join you.
During the summer, it’s usually easier to get friends to diet with you. There are fewer holiday obligations, and people are typically more motivated during the summer months. Dieting with a friend always makes life easier, too.

5. The grill is going to make your life so much easier.
Many people feel like diets are boring and tasteless, but when you diet during summer you have the option to grill most of your food. Grilling is a great way to add flavor without adding fat. You won’t feel like your options are bland and you won’t have to miss out on summer BBQs. Just take some chicken, toss it on the girl, and enjoy the amazing flavor all while staying healthy.

6. Warmer temps mean more water and less of an appetite.
When it’s warm out, your body craves water. The more water you drink and the better hydrated you are, the easier it is to tell whether or not you’re really hungry. Summer almost acts as an appetite suppressant. Your body will start craving delicious healthy foods which makes it easy to start a diet during summer!

Dieting during the summer may not be a popular time to diet, but it’s actually one of the best times to diet. If you’re looking at programs and if you’re anxious to get started, check out our current promotions on weight loss kits today!

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  • Bruce

    When I click on “6 beverages to drink for weight loss” it takes me to “6 reasons to start a diet during summer.” I want to read about beverages for weight loss.

    • Jordan Kinghorn

      Thank you for letting us know Bruce! We will look into fixing the problem right away.

  • Beth Chaitman

    I clicked on How Much Should You Weigh and it brought me to this page, 6 Reasons to Start a Diet During the Summer. Please fix. Thaks

  • Freddy Spahetti

    At 3 weeks and lost 20#.
    P2 and wanting/needing to expand recipe collection.
    As my name implies, I am SO missing my twice weekly Spaghetti and Meatballs.
    I’m curious if when wanting my spaghetti how about using my favorite Tomato paste, that in its ingredient list has: Tomatoes, and only tomatoes, and mixing with onions, red peppers, celery, my oregano and Chicken broth then adding in my grilled 95% ground sirloin and simmer, can this be my new Bolognese?
    Watching intently my portion size, of course.
    Then, even better than pasta for years has been and still is, pouring it over what’s underneath, fresh Spaghetti Squash.
    Or here’s a more general question:
    If all the ingredients are ok, but by listing the actual content…say of a tomato, which HAS sugar and that’s where the sugar is coming from, is it still ok to use and really all you’re counting is the calories again, right?
    Now, the JAR of my favorite pre-made “starter” is all organic and every ingredient IS on the P2 ok list, but for one, a small amount of Olive oil, which i assume is where on the label it says Fat-10g. So, i assume THAT is what I CANNOT have right? At least not till P3, right?

    • Jordan Kinghorn

      Hey Freddy! Thank you so much for reaching out! That Bolognese recipe sounds amazing and completely Phase 2 appropriate so cook away! And to answer your other questions, yes it is the olive oil that needs to wait until Phase 3!

  • Jesse

    When I click on “What to do After a Cheat Meal” it brings me here, “6 Reasons to Start Dieting in the Summer” How can I get to the article I’m looking for? Also, I was reading “Freddy’s” post above. I don’t recall seeing squash or zucchini as Phase 2 approved, but he mentions spaghetti squash and another article I found mentions zucchini in a Phase 2 recipe. Is it approved?

  • Jennifer

    So Spaghetti Squash is a phase 2 approved food?

  • Loops

    Hi, I started the 26 day HCG plan on February 27th (loaded 2/27 & 2/28). I have all planned out and should be done on March 22nd. I know I need more than 26 days, but I have vacation planned from 3/26-4/2. My question is, can I start on 26 day plan on April 1st (load 4/1 & 4/2) and go from there? I’ve lost 8 lbs. :0)

    hank you in advance for your assistance.

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