Determining BMI & What You Should Weigh

Have you heard the phrase “everyone has a number”? The phrase is referring to money but I want to use it for determining BMI.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a simple calculation to get an [...]

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10 Family Friendly Meal Ideas

It happens all too often, when we are trying to be healthy we tend to have to make our low calorie meals separate from the family meals. Sometimes this makes dieting really difficult. Pulling [...]

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How to do Multiple Rounds on HCG

If you’re starting or have started your HCG Diet, and you have more than 30 pounds to lose it may take multiple rounds on HCG to hit your goal weight. Doing multiple rounds on the HCG Diet [...]

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HCG Phase 2 Curry Chicken Salad

This HCG Phase 2 curry chicken salad recipe is perfect to take to picnics this summer. It has incredible flavor and you can add it to a salad, or put it on bread for your friends who aren’t [...]

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Can I Have Turkey on the HCG Diet?

One of the questions that our HCG Coaches frequently get is if they can have turkey on the HCG Diet.  Turkey is not listed on the original Dr. Simeons protocol, but there have been some instances [...]

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