How to do Multiple Rounds on HCG

Multiple Rounds on HCG
If you’re starting or have started your HCG Diet, and you have more than 30 pounds to lose it may take multiple rounds on HCG to hit your goal weight. Doing multiple rounds on the HCG Diet is quite common, and once you understand how it’s done, you’ll understand how fast this process really goes.

Planning Your Rounds on HCG

The HCG Diet is made up of three phases. The breakdown of these Phases looks like this: Phase 1: Lasts days 1-2. The drops are taken and dieters do the loading Phase. Phase 2: Lasts days 3  to either 26, 40 or 52 days. The length of a round is determined by how much weight a client needs to lose and the size of the HCG Kit they purchased. Phase 2 refers to the 500 calorie portion of the diet and is done using the drops. Phase 3:  Lasts 3-6 weeks after completing Phase 2. It is also referred to the Maintenance Phase. This portion of the diet is done without drops and calories are gradually increased to 1200-1500. When doing the HCG Diet, one round consists of all three phases. Phase 2 is where you will lose the majority of your weight. Clients have lost up to 1 pound per day on Phase 2 of the diet (results vary on a case by case basis), so if you need to lose more than 52 pounds or if you want to do shorter cycles on Phase 2,  then you will most likely need to do multiple rounds.

Doing Multiple Rounds on HCG

Doing multiple rounds on HCG is pretty straight forward. You must complete each phase before starting a new round of  the HCG Diet. After you finish phase 2, you MUST do phase 3. The maintenance phase allows your body time to adjust to your new body weight. Increasing your calories on the maintenance phase will help you learn healthy habits that will carry over after the diet is completed. Once Phase 3 is completed, if you’re doing another round, you MUST do Phase 1 before jumping in to Phase 2. Each phase is critical for success on the HCG Diet.

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