Announcing the Winner of the 1 Year Transformation Contest!

Sarah lost 79 pounds on the hcg diet
One year ago we launched the one year transformation contest. Our goal was to sponsor 10 women in reaching their weight loss goals. After selecting 10 women, we sponsored them to do the HCG Diet and track their progress over the course of a year. The person who had the greatest mental, emotional and physical transformation would win $1000.

Today is the day where we are pleased to be announcing the winner of the 1 Year Transformation Contest.

Drum roll please…..

CONGRATULATIONS TO SARA G. from Grand Rapids Michigan! She is the winner of the 1 Year Transformation Contest and she will be receiving $1000 for her incredible success on the HCG Diet.

  • Sara went from being 250 pounds to 171 pounds and still going!
  • She started out wearing size 20 pant and is down to a size 12.
  • Her weight loss was done three rounds of the HCG Diet using HCG Triumph 40 day kits!

As part of her final submission, Sara shared with us what she considers to be a large part of her transformation.

“Spending one year transforming my body also has transformed my way of thinking when it comes to food, drink, and maintaining what I’ve worked so hard to earn. I’ve come to far to just throw it away by slipping back into my old habits. I enjoy exercising, especially now that my body is not as heavy, and I look forward to toning and strengthening the new me.”

Sara’s phyical transformation is incredible and her friends and family are noticing, too. She wrote,

“I am constantly getting compliments and congratulations from both my friends and family. This was a huge motivator on my journey. After hearing or reading their kind words, it boosted my confidence and made me want to continue on.”


We are so proud of Sara and her success! She is truly inspirational.

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  • Sandra williams

    I have been on it. Need help to stick with it I have a bottle now need to start but need a detox first I think. Help me stay on track.

    • Natalie

      This is my second time doing this and I too have had struggles this time around. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Family, kids, health. I’m doing the drops but have slowed down on protocol. I’m not sticking to the diet laid out but I’m still seeing slow results. I’ve came to realization that I need to change how I think before I change my appearance. Slow and steady wins the race and stick with it. You won’t disappoint yourself. Not sure about the detox side. I know you have to fat load two days before but detox no. The whole diet is a detox! Good luck.

      • lowery

        That is some incredible advice, Natalie! 🙂 Changing your way of thinking brings lasting results. We wish you the best of luck.

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