Green Coffee Extract and the HCG Diet

Green Coffee Extract HCG Diet
There are hundreds of diet products on the market but two of the most successful diet products on market are green coffee extract and HCG drops. Green coffee extract comes from ground up unroasted green coffee beans, which contain a powerful metabolism booster called chlorogenic acid. HCG is a natural hormone produced by our bodies that has a tremendous metabolic boosting ability as well.

Both HCG and green coffee extract can offer substantial weight loss in similar ways, but up until now, nobody has talked about using both products at one time. The truth is the HCG diet and green coffee extract pair very well together for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Both products are safe: The HCG diet has been around for decades now and research has shown it is safe when the protocol is followed. Likewise, green coffee extract was proven to be safe in the recent clinical study conducted at the University of Scranton.

Green coffee extract doesn’t violate the HCG protocol: Many other diet products violate the HCG protocol, which defeats the purpose of the HCG diet. However, you can safely take green coffee extract while on phase 3 of the HCG diet for added weight loss.

Both green coffee extract and HCG possess numerous other health benefits: There are numerous health problems associated with obesity including:

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • digestive problems
  • poor kidney functioning

Both green coffee extract and HCG alleviate a few of these common problems and combining them can ensure that no permanent damage is done to your body.

Green coffee extract offers a great energy boost during phase two: Sometimes, the grind of the HCG diet wears down on diet users, especially during the last two weeks of phase two. Green coffee extract is a natural source of energy and therefore can be an excellent way to get an energy boost if you are starting to drag.

HCG and green coffee extract both offer dramatic metabolism boosts: Your metabolism is actually a large number of chemical reactions that are affected by hundreds of variables. Both HCG and green coffee extract affect your metabolism in a slightly different way. Therefore, by taking both green coffee extract and HCG, you can rev up your metabolism even more to burn more fat and lose more weight.

If you need to lose weight and want weight loss products that work, consider trying the HCG diet or green coffee extract. Better yet, consider trying HCG and green coffee extract together because you can achieve your weight loss goals faster and keep those unwanted pounds off for good.

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