HCG-Approved Phase 3 – Alfredo Sauce

There is nothing better than pouring a delicious Alfredo sauce over your chicken dinner and not having to worry about any guilt. That is what this recipe has done for those of you in Phase 3. Try out this amazing sauce and let us know how much you enjoyed it by commenting below!
Chicken AlfredoALFREDO SAUCE
In a sauce pan, whisk 8 oz cream cheese and 2 t garlic powder.
Adding small amounts at a time, whisk in 2 C milk.
Stir in 6 oz grated Parmesan cheese and pepper to taste.
Add bacon bits if desired.
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  • Yunita

    Hi Paula,I have a couple of quick quitseons. Are you using homeopathic hCG? Are you coming in physical contact with any type of fat? This could be in the form of skin lotions and creams, or hair conditioners. If you touch food that has fat in it, even if you do not eat it, some of the fat will absorb through your skin and signal your body to stop using fat from its fat cells.Check to make sure that you are not touching fat of any kind. Here are 9 things to check Don’t mix vegetables at a meal.Don’t use gum or mints, even if they are sugar freeIf you have been drinking diet sodas or sugar free diet drinks; cut them outEat white meat instead of beefMake sure you are weighing your food before you cook it.Don’t eat the same protein for both lunch and dinnerIncrease your water consumption to 2 quarts a dayMake sure you are wearing the exact same each morning when you weigh yourselfDon’t eat out since you can’t be sure what the restaurant may have added to the meatThese are 10 things you can do to troubleshoot the hCG diet protocol. Some people can get away with more than other people. Let me know is this gets your weight loss going again.P.S. If you are using homeopathic hCG, I would switch right away to the real stuff. You can read why at

  • Mei

    It can take up to 3 days for you to get used to the hCG diet. If you are using hCG injections. If you are using hCG drops then it might not work for you. hCG Drops are very dlteiud and many do not contain any hCG at all.Another factor to consider is how you did your loading. If you did not concentrate on fats then you could have a rough time transitioning. If you are still having these problems after 3 days, discontinue the hCG diet.

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