Small Habits to Increase Your Weight Loss

Habits to Increase Weight Loss
Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes people over complicate it. At times, you can get so focused on sticking to a program, you forget the small simple habits that can help you increase your weight loss. Even if you’re on a specific diet like the HCG Diet, these are still things that will help you boost your results and become healthier in addition to the things you are already doing.

Tips to Increase Your Weight Loss

Keep a food journal
Regardless of what phase you are on, keeping a food journal will help you stay aware of your eating habits and it will help you stay accountable with yourself.

If there’s ever a time where you get off track, you can go back to your food journal and pick out at what point you fell off and then go back to a healthy day of eating and compare the two for a little perspective. Staying concious of what you’re eating will help you make wiser food choices.

Walk more
Start moving. It’s common sense, but sometimes when we are seeing great results from changing our diet, we forget that by adding in exercise, we’ll see even better results. You don’t even need to do anything too strenuous. Start with walking more. Park at the very back of every parking lot you park in. Take the stairs. Go for a walk after you get done with dinner. Take a little stroll during your lunch break. Just get up and try moving a little bit more. You can use a Fitbit or other type of pedometer to track your steps. You can even challenge your friends to do the same. The element of competition can be very motivating. You’ll start burning more calories and start losing more weight.

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Connect with other dieters
We strongly encourage anyone who is embarking on a weight loss journey to build a solid network of supports. Whether this network is made up of family members, friends or online dieters that you meet on forums or Facebook, stay connected with people who are going to motivate you, even on your hard days. Feeling supported is essential for permanent weight loss success.

Play mind games with yourself
Sometimes it takes a little tricky to stay focused on your healthy goals. For instance, if you’re having a hard time controlling your appetite, try drinking a warm glass of lemon water before and after your meal. This will help you feel full faster. You can also do things like eat on smaller plates to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating more. When you sit down to eat, indulge in your food. Focus all your attention on eating. Don’t distract from your meal with TV, the computer, or anything else. Sit down, enjoy your food and do it slowly.

Become best friends with water
Water helps transfer waste out of your body. The more water you’re drinking, the more efficiently your body is going to run. When you’re hydrated it’s easier for your body to regulate your appetite. Try setting goals for yourself each day to drink a certain amount of water. Start out with two liters and try working your way up to a gallon.

Close up your kitchen
After you finish up your dinner. Put the food away, clean the kitchen and turn the light off. This gives you the feeling that your kitchen is closed and you shouldn’t dirty any dishes. This prevents you from any late night snacking!

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