Too Hungry on a diet? 10 Tips to Stay on Diet

woman feeling too hungry on a dietDo you typically feel too hungry on a diet? You’re not alone. This is a common feeling that a lot of people experience when trying to lose weight because diets are tough! Sometimes, the hunger cravings can feel too overwhelming to endure. Don’t give up! We’ve got 10 tips to help you stay on the HCG Diet protocol even when the hunger strikes.

1. Occupy Your Mind.

The first thing you can do to overcome your hunger is find something to take your mind off it. Grab a favorite book. Engage in a good conversation. Read your favorite blog. Occupying your mind will take the attention off of your hunger, making it easier to stay strong.

2. Have a drink.

A lot of the time, being hungry isn’t due to needing food. It’s actually your body misinterpreting the signal for thirst. When you feel hungry, have a tall glass of water and see if that solves your hunger issue.appetite_control_blog_visual

3. Call a friend.

Get in touch with a friend when you feel hungry. Not only will the conversation take your hunger off your mind, it can also give you even more motivation to lose weight.

4. Write in a journal.

Keeping track of your feelings through writing is a great way to understand and gain power over your hunger. Plus, when you’re having a struggle later, you can review your journal pages to see how you stayed strong in the past.

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5. Go for a walk.

Getting away from your home (and the source of temptation) when you’re hungry can be as simple as taking a walk. Go around the block. You’ll feel refreshed, your hunger will usually subside, and you’ll be helping yourself set a healthy habit.

6. Spend time with your kids.

Need a distraction? Kids are pretty attention-consuming. Playing a game, reading a book, or doing an activity with your kids will naturally focus you on them instead of your hunger. However, don’t just plop down in front of the television . . .

7. Get away from the TV.

Snacks and TV – they go together. That’s why you’ll sometimes feel hungry right when the screen pops on. In order to stay on diet and avoid the connection between snacking and television, stay away from TV! Find other activities on this list to do instead of lounging in front of your favorite programs.

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8. Review your diet goals.

Your goals aren’t just some distant dream you hope to accomplish – they’re also something you can use along the way to help you regain your motivation to push through hunger. Having your goals posted somewhere you can see them frequently is also a good way to ensure they stay fresh in your mind.

9. Support others in their diets.

A great way to keep your own cravings under control is to help others make good diet choices and stay strong themselves. Our Facebook page is a great place to meet other dieters and offer each other support.

10. Call for help.

Finally, if you’re an HCG Triumph customer, you’ll have access to one of the most important things that sets us apart from other HCG Diet suppliers: support. You can call our HCG Diet specialists for advice, support, planning and more. Simply call us at 1-877-485-1030 (9am-5pm MST, M-F). We’ve got specialists standing by and waiting to help.


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