The Triunatural Philosophy Behind the HCG Diet Program

In this section of the HCG Diet Guide Book we will discuss the Triunatural philosophy behind our HCG Diet Program. Understand what makes our program different than the simple products other hcg sites offer. We want to see you succeed and we are there to help you not only loose weight but motivate you to keep it off.

Triunatruals is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. We are like no other HCG company you know. Our HCG program is here to help you achieve quick results, become motivated and get you started with a new sense of accomplishment. We want to help you stop “Diets” and begin living a life of positive change both mentally and physically.

The power of the HCG drops are to provide quick measurable results to those who have a difficult time loosing weight. We believe that once a person can experience weight loss those people will be motivated to initiate real and lasting changes that transform the spirit, mind and body. We have seen it time and time again. Our customers find excitement as they begin to shed their weight and they start shedding other excuses that have held them down. They become aware of what they consume, their activity level and even their thoughts. They begin to make positive improvements on their lives and become free of diets and champions of a new lifestyle that gives them the confidence to push their possibilities or crush any limits they might have unknowingly placed on themselves. They begin to control their life and their destiny.

Triunaturals does not believe diets are a permanent solution. Diets help you for a time transform you body but they do not last. Soon “Dieters” return to their bad habits and put on more weight than they originally lost. That is why we encourage our customers to transform their mind as well as their body while on the HCG Diet. We want you to take this time to really understand health, nutrition and positive thinking. We want you to STAY motivated even after your HCG Diet and continue making strides to a healthier life.

7 Lessons to Learn While on the HCG Diet Program

1. Experience Accomplishment

The HCG Drops – HCG targets fat and lets you feel the accomplishment of rapid weight loss. As was stated above experiencing success is motivating and drives a person to accomplish more than they thought they could.

2. Remove Bad Influences

500 Calorie Intake – By removing all sugars, processed foods and carbs the HCG Diet help your body cleanse itself from all the foods that help you put on the weight in the first place. As long as you have been honest while on the diet and do not cheat your body and your mind will have an easier time controlling your cravings of your sweet tooth. If your going to cheat cheat with an apple.

3. Fill the Void with Good

Careful Food Consumption – While on the HCG Diet though your calorie intake is low you will be consuming quality calories and increasing your awareness of healthy foods. This will be hard as you have trained your body to crave sweets over greens. You can do it though.

4. Be Aware

Daily Tracker – A daily food journal or tracker will build awareness of what, why, when and how much you eat. The ultimate goal is to help identify the habits (along with their triggers and rewards) that shape your health style. You can then use this information to build on what works and learn from what doesn’t.

5. Make Smart Choices

Maintenance Phase – The maintenance phase allows you to introduce good carbs and more calories back into your daily food consumption. With more calories you can become more active in your fitness by introducing exercise.

6. Get Active

Now that your body is reset, you’re eating healthier and you’re becoming more active you will begin experience continued weight loss. Your continued weight loss will be about 2 LBS a week. This is alot slower than what you achieved on the HCG Diet but that is ok and should be viewed as a positive.

7. If You Got to Start Again…So Be it!

Doing Another Round of HCG – Some people need to go through the HCG Diet program a few times to loss a little more weight to feel better about becoming more active in their health pursuit and that is ok! We are here to help. Weight loss is difficult both physically and mentally. We are here with continued support for your weight loss. Triunaturals is still of the mind set that HCG should not be viewed as a permanent solution and it is through a change of mind and motivation that you begin experiencing true results that last.



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HCG Diet Guide Book Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Instructions for the HCG Diet
  • Days 1-2 Diet Protocol:  Fat Loading + HCG
  • Days 3-23 (26 Day Kit) Days 3-37 (40 Day Kit) 500 Calorie Diet + HCG
  • Days 24-26 (26 Day Kit) Days 38-40 (40 Day Kit) 500 Calorie Diet + No HCG
  • 3 Week Maintenance No HCG
  • Next Steps?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tips
  • Approved Food List for the HCG Diet
  • Shopping List
  • HCG Recipes – Marinades and Spices
  • HCG Recipes -Drinks and Desserts
  • HCG Recipes -Vegtables
  • HCG Recipes – Main Dishes
  • Diet Tracker Download

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