What's Your Story Going to Be?

When you look back on your experience with the HCG Diet, what are you going to be able to tell people?

“I only lasted a few days before going back to my fast food!”

“I just wanted my morning latte too much – I couldn’t stay on protocol!”

Or, will you say something like this:

“It wasn’t always easy, but I’m glad I stayed on the diet because I lose more weight faster than I ever could have imagined!”

When you’re going on a diet, creating your story will give you power to stay strong. You’ll be able to fight the temptation to cheat or go back to unhealthy food. The desire to stay motivated will carry you through the difficult parts of your diet and into your ultimate destiny: to be a healthier, happier, slimmer person.

So, how do you actually create your story? Here are a few ways.

1. Imagine your backstory.

Here’s an except from Lowery’s backstory:

Today I am divorcing food, turning my back on it, breaking up with it. I’m not going to let it control me. It doesn’t make me feel normal. It makes me feel out of control and awful. Food shouldn’t make me feel anything but nourished and full. It didn’t fix my parents’ marriage. It didn’t change the way my friends felt about me, it didn’t get me a boyfriend.

I begin my third round of HCG on Sunday. That will mark the beginning of an ending. I will no longer use food in conjunction with emotions. I won’t let it alienate me anymore. Normal doesn’t come from food. Bring on round three.

(from http://myhcgtriumph.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-did-i-get-so-fat.html )

You can write down your own backstory and better understand where you’re coming from. Did the stresses of college life lead to overeating? Is being thin something you’ve always wanted? Or is there soem other factor that brought you where you are today?

2. Make a goal for where you want to be.

Part of your story will be the ending. Go through and answer these questions to help you decide where you want to be after your diet:

  1. What will you have accomplished when the diet is over?
  2. How will you feel after these accomplishments?
  3. What will you be able to do now that you’ve accomplished your weight loss goal?
  4. How will your relationships with other be different after your weight loss?

Write these down in a paragraph form. Feel free to reference this whenever you need a reminder of where you’re going to be when you complete  your diet. Read this to yourself every morning for even more of a motivational boost.

3. Make a plan for how you’ll get there.

This is probably the most detailed part of your story, but it’s also one of the most important. How are you actually going to get to where you want to be regarding your fitness goals? What supplemental products will you use to help you slim down and maintain your appetite?

(If you want help making a plan for how you’ll follow the HCG Diet, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-485-1030! We’ve got diet coaches and consultants that can help you be ready for every challenge and obstacle you’ll face while losing weight.)

Your plan will motivate you. Your plan will help you stay inspired.

Your plan will become your story of diet success as you follow it.


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