Comparing HCG Diet Hormones

Homeopathic vs. Regular HCG Hormones

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, and is a natural hormone created by the human body. The main purpose of the hormone HCG, is to help nourish a fetus during pregnancy. It is created from a component of the fertilized egg and serves to protect the fetus in the first few months of pregnancy. During this time period, it is extracted from the human pituitary glands and used to make a synthesized HCG powder. This powder is then used to create a variety of HCG products, in multiple forms. Its first connection to weight loss was made by Dr. Simeons, a British endocrinologist who found that it had tremendous benefits when it came to losing weight. In his protocol, the HCG hormone was always in injection form, however for more consumer convenience, it has now become available in a variety of forms such as pills and drops. These are made by a variety of companies. The drops and pills are easier to take, and cheaper than injections. The two main categories of the HCG hormone is pharmaceutical and homeopathic. Pharmaceutical HCG drops and injections both come in a powder form, prescribed by a doctor. The 125 International Units of HCG powder are mixed with sterile water to create a solution. Once mixed, it is ready to be put into your bloodstream. This is done either through injecting it into your body with a needle once per day, or the alternative method, often referred to as “sublingual,” which involves placing it under the tongue 2-3 times per day. Drops are placed under the tongue due to the large amounts of blood vessels located under the tongue, helping the hormone mix in with the bloodstream quicker. For more information about the correct HCG drops dosage, check out this link here.

The second category is homeopathic HCG drops, which are similar in many ways, but have a slight variation to the regular HCG drops and injections. Homeopathy is a field of medicine that was first invented by a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. He discovered that there were two different ways of treating someone with an illness. The first was to focus on eliminating individual negative symptoms. The second was a more holistic approach that involved harmonizing the body with its natural ways healing.  This led him to a new way of treatment and of preparing remedies. The medication is first diluted and then shaken up in a specific way to create a new remedy that is said to have the same benefits and effectiveness of the original medication. but fewer side effects. This diluting and shaking method is the same way that homeopathic HCG drops are manufactured, and the reason why they are said to have no known side effects compared to the prescription medications. Scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason this system works, however early benefits have been observed for this homeopathic methodology. It is important to note that homeopathic HCG drops contain very little, if no HCG hormone in them. They are instead meant to contain the “memory” of the hormone, but many testimonials from patients state that this is still enough to help them lose weight.

HCG Injections vs. Drops Vs. Pellets

When comparing the differences between injections, drops and pellets, it is important to understand the process and steps behind each method. HCG injections are most often injected into your abdominal area, but can also be injected into your buttocks, upper arm, or back. Some side effects of injections include the possibility of pain, swelling, itchiness, minor cramping and infection. Another important aspect to consider is that along with the HCG hormone, you will need to purchase syringes, needles, sterile pads, mixing syringes, storage bottles and bacteriostatic water. Once mixing the HCG hormone with water, it will need to be refrigerated continuously. Injections can also be more expensive than their drop counterpart, with costs upwards of $400 dollars. The injections also require a prescription in order to ensure you are getting a safe and pure hormone.

Drops however, have a much simpler process that involves placing them underneath your tongue, with no needles and syringes necessary. The drops can be obtained from local medical offices, pharmacies or through an online distributor. The drawbacks to taking the drops over the injections could be the thirty minutes you must wait before eating. This is done to ensure the drops are absorbed, and limits the possibility of the drops not affecting the body correctly. If the body does not absorb the drops properly, it will leave dieters hungry, and without consistent results.

Pellets are another form of the HCG hormone and are generally easy to use, safe, and effective. Studies have shown that they can be just as effective as drops, or even more so, due to the fact that they dissolve slower and allow the body to absorb it completely. Similar to the drops, they have the same hunger-reducing effects and are a way to consume the hormone without a needle. Many dieters use the pellets due to the ease of carrying them around, as they come in a bottle like regular pills. During days 1 and 2 (loading days), of the HCG diet, four HCG pellets are taken, three times daily. From days 3 to 40, the 500 calorie diet is followed, and the HCG pellets are taken three times per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the most popular times for dieters to consume the pellets, but they can be taken at whatever time is most convenient. Similar to the HCG drops, the pellets are placed under the tongue and kept there to let them dissolve. Any remaining powder can be swallowed. Many sites recommend that you do not rinse, drink or eat anything for at least 10 minutes. Overall, the most important thing to note when comparing injections, drops, and pellets is to assess how comfortable you are with each method and what works with your budget. Whatever choice you make, finding a provider you trust is the most important aspect.

Amino Acids With HCG Hormone

A component of a few HCG products, including HCG Triumph, are Amino Acids, which are the basic building blocks of the body. They provide fats and carbohydrates, which the body can use for energy as it works to lose weight. Amino acids help create organ tissue, muscle, skin and hair. There are over 200 different amino acids that can help with fighting arthritis, strengthening your immune system, improving muscle and strength, and supporting weight loss. There are 3 amino acids mixed in with HCG Triumph’s hormone that each help boost an aspect of the body that contributes to a healthy system. These are L-arginine, L-carnitine and L-ornithine. L-arginine can be found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products, however, it can also be manufactured in a laboratory. It is used by the body to help heart and blood vessel conditions, and can reduce pain due to blocked arteries. It has also been shown to help increase mental capacity and boost weight loss. When L-arginine enters the body, it is converted into the chemical nitric oxide, which helps open up blood vessels and improve blood flow. It can also stimulate the release of insulin, which is a vital growth hormone. The second amino acid, L-carnitine, is naturally produced in the body, but when taken as a supplement, can help the body produce more energy. It can aid heart problems, including chest pain, congestive heart failure and lower the risk of heart attacks. Overall, L-carnitine helps increase heart and brain function, and stimulates muscle movement. The final amino acid contained in the HCG Triumph drops is L-ornithine. L-ornithine is a nonprotein amino acid that helps with athletic performance. It stimulates the production of human growth hormone (HGH), insulin, and various other growth-promoting hormones. These in turn, help the body build muscle mass, and improves overall athletic performance. When it comes to weight loss, L-ornithine can help your body work harder and burn more fat.

Vitamin B12 With HCG Hormone

Another important component of the HCG diet, often sold as part of the HCG kit, is the use of a Vitamin B12 supplement. Vitamin B12 can be found naturally in fortified plant food such as nutritional yeast and some sea vegetables. However, it can also be purchased in an easy to consume liquid form. Vitamin B12 helps the central nervous system directly in many ways. It plays an important part in protecting and maintaining the health of nerve cells, and boosts overall brain function. On top of that, it can also help with digestion and heart health. While on the HCG’s limited calorie diet, it is important to sustain a high level of vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to chronic fatigue, depression and stress, as well as limit enzyme production and your body’s hormonal balance. Liquid B12 vitamins can provide that extra boost that your body needs to stay healthy throughout the HCG diet.

Choosing The Right HCG Hormone

Overall, HCG drops are fairly simple to manufacture, and thus many brands developed their own versions of the hormone. Top companies include HCG Triumph, HCG Complex, and Nu Image Medical. There are also multiple ways in which you can purchase the HCG hormone. Since it comes in many forms such as pills, drops and injections, it is important to experiment and find what works for your body. There are also many locations you can purchase the hormone, whether that be online, in a store, or through a doctor’s prescription. Comparison charts of various HCG companies can be found here. The most important aspect of choosing a product, is careful research and finding what product is suited best for your needs and price range. HCG Triumph sells a 26-day kit for $99 and a 40-day kit for $155. HCG complex sells their 2oz bottle for $69.95 and two bottles for $97. For NuImage Medical, a 26-day kit which includes a variety of syringes and bonus products is $297.  

There are many steps you should take before buying your HCG hormone. The first is the quality of the product. Pharmaceutical grade HCG drops are pure HCG and the ones that will yield you the best results as prescribed by Dr. Simeons. If you do, however, choose the homeopathic route, you should make sure to check the label to ensure that it does still contain the HCG hormone, as many are HCG-free versions of the drops. The second step when choosing an HCG program is a company backed by specific diet information. Since the program is strict in the ways you should follow it, the company should provide adequate information as to what foods you can eat, how to administer the drops and clear information about what is in the bottles themselves. The final tip is a company that provides support. Helpful forums, easy to reach contact information and strong customer service are all vital ingredients to finding an HCG hormone supplier that will bring you results. Take the time to research, talk with users of the product, and find one that works for you.

How to Take HCG Drops:

Step 1: Remove blue cap that covers the tip.

Step 2: Make sure plunger is pushed to the bottom of the syringe’s barrel.

Step 3: Place syringe into the open bottle of hcg so the tip is touching the bottom of the hcg bottle.

Step 4: Pull plunger up so that the HCG diet drops fills syringe’s barrel.

Step 5: Keep syringe tip over the mouth of the open HCG bottle and push the plunger down the barrel. This will release the excess HCG liquid from the syringe back into the hcg bottle.

Step 6: Push the plunger down. The entire black stopper of the plunger should go past the .38ml line mark on the syringe. Leaving the right amount of hcg diet drops with every dose.

Step 7: Place the tip of the syringe under your tongue and push the plunger all the way down making sure all the hcg diet drops are dispersed under your tongue. Hold for at least 15 seconds then swallow.

Step 8: Clean syringe.

Frequently Asked HCG Diet Questions:

Q. Can I complete the HCG protocol if I am a vegetarian?

A. Absolutely, for more information about following the HCG diet as a vegetarian, follow this link.

Q. Can I exercise while on the HCG diet?

A. It is not recommended that you exercise for more than 20 minutes a day. Exercise burns a large amount of calories, and while on the low calorie intake of the HCG diet, it can heavily weaken your system and leave you malnourished.

Q. Can I drink alcohol on the HCG Diet?

A. Nowhere in Dr. Simeons’ protocol does it mention consuming alcohol, however, since the HCG hormone works to correct the hypothalamus in the brain, many dieters have found that they don’t feel the need to drink alcohol while on the HCG diet.

Q. Can I wear makeup?

A. Yes, however there is a strict protocol to follow as to which lotions, powders and creams can be used while on the HCG diet. To find out more, check out this article.

Q. Does Dr. Simeons’ protocol allow vitamins?

A. Vitamins are not recommended on the HCg diet, as Dr. Simeons allowed vitamin C, D and Calcium only for medical reasons.

Q. What happens if I cheat on the diet?

A. There are a variety of steps you can take if you cheat while taking the HCG hormone. It is recommended that you don’t try to over-correct and skip meals, or increase your drop intake. Instead, drink a lot of water, research doing an apple day and most importantly, stay positive and get back on track! Check out more information about what to do after a cheat day.

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