Dosage for HCG Drops: Drop it Right!

A large part of your success on the HCG Diet  depends on the HCG Formula itself. The HCG formula contains ingredients to help your body through the low calorie portion of the diet. If you aren’t getting the right amount of drops, you might feel too hungry, or you might run out early! Both of these things can be avoid if you learn the proper dosage for HCG Drops.

How to get an Accurate Dosage for HCG Drops

Make sure you are taking your doses three times a day. Getting The HCG formula in your system not only help you release stored fat throughout the day so you are burning an adequate amount of calories each day, but it also helps the amino acids work in your body. The amino acids have the appetite suppressants that help you cope on the strict low calories program. The other amino acids in the blend also help promote building lean muscle and burning fat.

We provide two methods of dosage for hcg drops. You may use the glass dropper in the bottle and count 8 drops under your tongue three times a day. Or you can use the method illustrated above by using the oral dosage syringe to measure 0.38ML under the tongue three times per day. The oral syringe can be  tricky to use, but basically when You pull the syringe to allow liquid to come up the tube stop as soon as black rubber touches the black line. The above method shows that when the top of the black plug hits the fill line, that’s how you know you have filled it correctly.

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If you ever miss a dosage, don’t worry. There’s no need to double up, just make sure you get back on track with your next regularly scheduled dose. If you miss more than three days of drops you will have to start the drops over from the beginning!

If you need further help dosing your drops, feel free to call us: 877-485-1030!

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