4 Ways to Fight HCG Diet Hunger

As anyone who’s tried dieting in the past knows, hunger cravings can kill your weight loss motivation. Sometimes it feels just too hard to overcome food cravings and stick with your diet when your stomach has been growling for hours. To combat HCG Diet hunger, we’ve got 4 things you can do to help you stay strong, stay on protocol, and stave off cravings.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

The first place you should fight your battles against hunger is on the waterfront – that is, you should drink plenty of water when you’re on the HCG diet. Staying properly hydrated is a simple, effective way to stave off hunger. When you feel hunger calling, answer it with a tall glass of water. That’s usually enough to overcome your craving.

2. Engage Your Mind

If you want to take your mind off of your hunger, you need to have somewhere for your mind to go. Read a book, watch stimulating television (not junk TV, which can make hunger cravings worse), or call a friend for a good conversation. Taking your mind off the hunger craving is often all you need to overcome it.

3. Find Motivation

What’s your reason for losing weight? What do you want to accomplish when you’re done with it all? Why are you cutting your calorie count so low and giving up foods you used to love? Only you can truly answer this, but when you do, it will be a powerful source of motivation for you.  If you need help reminding yourself why you’re doing all this, make a Pinterest board of things you’ll do when you’re skinny (see our HCG Diet Pinterest page for examples).

4. Use an Appetite Suppressant

Finally, one of the easiest ways to keep your appetite under control is to use something to control your appetite. The Appetite Control capsules available in the HCG Diet Store are a perfect way to prevent your stomach from making you have unbearable cravings. They’ll help you keep the willpower you need to say “no” to cravings.

It’s possible to fight your HCG Diet hunger, and it’s possible to lose weight for good – just look at the many HCG Diet testimonials for some proof. Follow these tips the next time you feel a hunger craving coming on.

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