6 Best Dieting & Fitness Apps for Beginners

Best Dieting and Fitness Apps, woman sitting with phoneIn an era where technology is the center of most of our daily habits, it’s becoming easier than ever to track your weight loss progress. ┬áThere are hundreds of apps out there available for Apple and Android. It can be difficult to choose the one that is going to suit your needs. To save you time, we did a little research to find 6 apps that will make reaching your goals easier.

Diet Apps

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant App Icon

Diet Assistant App

Diet Assistant is an app that is meant to help you pick a diet and have planned out meals and shopping lists. It’s available for Apple and Android. There is a free version and a premium version that can be purchased for $2.99. One of the biggest drawbacks to this app is that the diet selection isn’t very big and there isn’t an actual calorie counter in the free app. It also leaves out fitness. This app is idea for someone who has a goal to lose weight but doesn’t want to plan a menu or shopping list. If you’re looking for something that is more in depth as far as nutritional values and burn from exercise, you’ll probably want to go with one of the next two apps.


Fooducate App Icon

Fooducate App

Fooducate is great for people who are trying to learn more about healthy foods as they are tracking their nutrition. It is available for Apple and Android. Not only can you count calories and look up the nutritional value of your food, you can also track weight, measurements, water and exercise. The app gives foods grades and provides information on why that food is graded a certain way. It provides weekly articles on nutrition and foods include information on GMOs. The paid version is $9.99 and it allows you to monitor certain aspects of your diet like how many carbohydrates or saturated fats you are eating compared to what you should be eating. This app is incredibly valuable for people who are trying to clean up their diet.


MyFitnessPal App Icon

MyFitnessPal App

MyFitness Pal is an incredibly popular app used for counting calories and tracking goals. It is available for Apple and Android. It has a lot of the same functions of Fooducate but it focuses less on educating you on your food choices and more on connecting you with people who have similar goals to yours. You can track your measurements, weight, water intake, exercise and keep track of the foods you are eating. It has a large community of people that talk to one another in the forums.


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Workout Apps

Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running App Icon

Nike+ Running App

The Nike+ Running app is for people who are looking to track their runs and stay motivated in the process. It is a free app available for Apple and Android. When you use Nike+, you enable your GPS to chart your runs. It will tell you how far you ran, how many calories you burned and it gives you fuel points. The fuel points add up to give you achievements. You can earn achievements based on how far your ran, how fast you went and how consistent you’ve been. You can also tag your shoes to keep track of mileage so you know when it’s time to get a new pair of running shoes. The coolest part of the Nike+ Running app is how it allows you to involve your friends. You can start challenges, and invite friends, and you can see how far your friends have been running.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness buddy is an awesome concept for people who are new to working out in a traditional gym setting. It is available for Apple and Android. The free version comes with over 700 workout illustrations to teach you workouts, and it has enough content in it to keep your workouts going for awhile. It separates workouts by muscle groups. It is simple and easy to use. There is a paid version available for $1.99. It has over 1700 illustrations and videos and allows you to target even more specific muscle groups and chart your progress. The workouts do require equipment so it is ideal for people who are looking to get into an actual gym.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club App Icon

Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club is an app that provides you with different workout programs based on your goals. You also have the option to choose your skill level. Once you select your type of workout and your feature, you choose the workout you want, and the music you want. Workouts are downloaded to your phone and it literally walks you through everything. It shows you how to do the workouts and it has a lovely lady who tells you how long you should be doing the workouts for. This is a free resource that is awesome for people who are trying to get into shape but need a little help.

What apps do you use to stay on top of your diet and exercise? Post your favorites below!

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