Can Men Do The HCG Diet?

Men HCG Diet
Is it safe if  men do the HCG Diet? In short, yes. Our HCG Diet coaches break down the common concerns we hear from men who are trying to lose weight with HCG.

Can Men Do The HCG Diet?

Yes. The HCG Diet is safe for men and women. HCG is a natural hormone that is often associated with pregnancy, however most people don’t realize that HCG occurs in both men and women, women just typically have higher levels. HCG is not the same as estrogen. It will not affect your body the way estrogen would.  The amount of HCG in HCG Triumph drops is minimal enough that it will not affect your hormone levels, but it does contain enough to release stored fat that is burned for energy during the diet. We have seen amazing results when men do the hcg diet. When male clients follow the protocol, they tend to lose weight more quickly than women. Because men tend to have a higher rate of metabolism than women, we have had clients lose up to 2 pounds per day with HCG Triumph drops.

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Can Men Stay Active While on the HCG Diet?

Yes. We understand that many men have active lifestyles, or difficult jobs that require them to consume more calories than someone who is sedentary. Because of this, we have variations of the HCG protocol with  increased  calories. Instead of 500 calories, it is recommended that active males consume 900-1000 calories of HCG approved foods depending on activity level. This higher calorie  protocol in addition to the fat that is being burned for energy should allow you to maintain an active lifestyle while doing the HCG Diet.

Do Men Experience Side Effects On The HCG Diet?

Women seem to be more sensitive than men when it comes to side effects of the HCG Diet. Men may experience a slight detox headache and hunger during the first week. This is due to the detoxing results of the diet. After the first week, most men feel fine. The appetite suppressant helps with hunger, and we provide Vitamin B12 drops with each HCG kit to help boost energy levels. Of course, as with all diets, it’s important to consult your physician about your choice to start a new program.

HCG Triumph has helped hundreds of men lose weight. The program is designed for men just as much as it is for women. You can learn more about program options here.


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