Do the Risks of Obesity Outweigh the Side Effects of the HCG Diet?

Risks of Obesity Outweigh Side Effects

While most people go on the HCG diet without any complications, there are a few potential side effects you should be aware of before deciding to try the HCG diet. This information is meant to simply make you aware of what some people have experienced. Keep in mind that most people don’t experience any major side effects (other than remarkable weight loss). If you have any questions, feel free to consult with a doctor or health professional before you start the diet.


Some users have mentioned they get headaches during the first week of the HCG diet. This is primarily due to dehydration. By drinking the recommended amount of water, you can avoid experiencing headaches while using the HCG diet.

Dizziness and Light-Headedness

Another small change some users have had is experiencing dizziness and Light-Headedness. This is caused by not having enough energy and also related to dehydration. Drink enough water and remember to take the B12 supplement (included with every HCG diet kit) to give your body the energy you’ll need throughout the day. Spreading out food can also help prevent dizziness.

Side Effects of Obesity

With each of these side effects in mind, it’s good to evaluate the risk compared to the reward. Yes, there are some mild side effects some people experience while on the HCG diet, but they don’t compare to the health problems most overweight people experience.

Risks of Obesity Include:

  • Heart Disease
  • Shortness of Breath
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Premature Death

There are many more complications of being overweight, not included in the above list.

Lose Weight Safely

Most people don’t experience more than some headaches and dizziness, and those side effects are quickly corrected. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of the HCG diet while you lose weight:

  • Follow the directions exactly. (This means no cheating!)
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Remember To Stay Hydrated
  • If you begin to experience serious side effects, speak with a doctor or health professional right away.

The fact is, almost all medications cause side effects in some of the people that use them. While not quite the same as the medicine in your bathroom cupboard, the HCG diet is no different than over-the-counter medication in that most people are fine when they use it. With the consequences of obesity being more serious than the side effects one may experience while, on HCG it makes sense to give it a try.

Begin Losing Weight Today

The greatest thing about the HCG diet is how fast it works. Whether you use a “mini kit” to lose a few pounds before a big event, go on a 26 day diet to slim down, or really want to change your life with the 40 day plan, you’ll be amazed at how quickly (and safely) the HCG diet works. Many people lose 1 to 2 regularly while on the diet. And with the detailed instructions that come with the HCG diet, you’ll know exactly what to eat and when. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works. Plus, by losing weight you’ll be preventing future health problems related to obesity.

Stop daydreaming about weight loss, and start doing something about it. Order HCG Triumph today and finally meet those weight loss goals!

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