How to Eat Healthy on Your Vacation

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When life gets stressful and you need a vacation from ordinary mundane life, take a vacation and get some R&R. Just remember that when you take a break from life, that doesn’t mean you should take a break from your healthy lifestyle. It’s still important to eat healthy on your vacation. You can de-stress without stress eating. Stress eating only endorses bad habits of over-indulging and binging on food. If you’re preparing a getaway, but you’re nervous about over-eating on your vacation, try to remember the way you feel when you eat well! You feel thin and glowing, you feel healthy and empowered! If you want to enjoy your vacation and feel good in your vacation outfits, then watch what you eat even when you are not near your fridge. Here are some tips to make sticking to your diet on a vacation easier.

Tips to Eat Healthy on Your Vacation

1.Every town/city has a grocery store. Avoid eating out every meal of your trip by picking up some some food that you can keep where you are staying! 2. If you go to restaurants, try to order dishes that include high-nutrient, high-fiber fruits and vegetables. Entree salads or side salads made with spinach or romaine lettuce are a fun way to get your vegetables. Try sticking with simple meat options and asking for veggies as a side. Steak and broccoli are common in most restaurants and it’s a lean, low-carb options that is very filling.

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3. If you need to snack in the car, then fill a cooler with apples and fruit and veggie cuts. That sick car feeling of being swollen and bloated from too much sodium filled snacks will not happen this time. 4. Also make sure you MOVE on your vacation. Long road trip and sitting in the car, or sitting at a buffet table on a cruise can really affect your circulation causing bowel troubles and muscles to tighten. Try to stretch your muscles and when you finally get to your vacation spot, do an activity with your family. I once read an article about a model that said she doesn’t use gyms she just plans active activities with her kids so she can enjoy them and stay active all at once. Combining your exercise with your fun activities can help you feel a part of the vacation instead of taking you away from it to do your workout. Would you want to go to the gym alone when your family is going to play beach volleyball?

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If an active activity is not on the schedule make time for you. Every condo/hotel should have a pool or workout area. Spend an hour on yourself so you can enjoy the vacation and have lots of energy for all the activities you plan. Keeping up with your discipline will ensure you can jump back into your routine when you get back from vacation. No need for a cleanse, an apple day, or feel like you need to run 5 miles to get back on track, you will have a smooth transition if you make good choices each day!

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