What to Expect In Your First Week on HCG

I know what you are thinking “ My first week on HCG I am going to be a bikini model in just a few weeks! I’m going to schedule a trip to my hometown to see all my old friends and show off how thin I am! And I am going to schedule a photo shoot cuz I am going to look and feel amazing!” Those are fun and positive thoughts, but don’t get too caught up in thinking about the result of your HCG Diet without focusing on how you are going to get there. Make sure you have realistic goals and make sure you are committed to the program. If you go into this with the right mindset, you are going to be successful! Here are some very realistic expectation for your first week on the HCG Diet that can help you form attainable goals.

 Your First Week on HCG

First Week on HCG DietIs it going to be hard? Yes. Anything you do that is different from the routine you had before will be difficult, but you can succeed and you will as you stay faithful and follow the diet protocol. According to Steven Aitchison, a personal development speaker says that “Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. That’s 21 days of going to the gym every day or exercising in some way every day, 21 days to meditation, 21 days to eat healthily, 21 days doing, 21 days of anything.”… So let’s make your healthy food choices a habit not just a trial.

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Headaches Yes you can experience headaches the first week. This is common. It can mean you are dehydrated and if so then drink more water. It can also mean you are feeling some deprivation if you drank a lot of soda or caffeinated drinks before and have cut back extremely. According to the migrane.com forum it is quite common to get migrane so when you body begin to sow down you must remember to eat the approved foods. It helps to break up your portions so you do not feel so deprived. If you suffer from hypoglycemia be very aware of your timing to eat to make sure you feel well to complete the diet program.

Hunger pains It is inevitable that you will feel some hunger pains. The feeling of hunger is a signal that your body is telling the brain to inform you that it wants more energy. SInce you are so used to doing this with high fat, sugar, and carb food your body will still ask for it until you teach it that you want it to concentrate on burning the stored fat already present on your body.

Mood Changes Yes you will feel different as your body adjusts to the very strict protocol. The first week it will go through some withdrawal from the decrease in sugar, and carbohydrates you are no longer consuming. DIeting can be stressful so try to do things that will help you relax while you are dieting. Take a walk, read a good book, take a bath, or try to learn a new skill or hobby. These kinds of things can keep your mind busy so you are not constantly fixated on the diet.

Bowel/urination You can become constipated if you aren’t eating enough vegetables or fiber. Make sure you are eating your vegetables. Some people think they can skip the vegetable portion and they will lose more weight. This is false! Be conscientious of your bowel movements and if you aren’t having any each day or every other day you know you are constipated. When this happen we recommend using a vegetable pill, fiber supplements, or smooth move tea.

Cheating DO NOT CHEAT! You do not want to set back your progress so do your best to set yourself up for success. Cheating during your first week on HCG can really mess up your progress by making you gain weight, but it can also make it harder to stick to the diet in the future.

Results– A lot of customers wonder how soon will they see the results. As you follow the protocol and remain on the diet you should start to see weight loss approx on day 3-4 depending on how well you followed the loading instructions. As soon as you begin to lose .5-1 lb per day you should stay consistent with that amount of weight loss and if you stall and do not see weight loss for more than 3+ days then you will need to do a stall beaker.

As you remain committed to this new lifestyle you will not only achieve results but you will keep your results. Once the first week is out of the way, the rest becomes a lot easier. Remember, once you finish the diet you’ll need to put in as much effort into your maintenance phase as you did the diet program. The maintenance phase will be key in helping you keep your weight off. I know you want to not only lose the weight but be rid of it for good!

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