Getting Back on Track After Weight Gain

Getting Back On Track After Weight GainOh no! You got off track. It happens, don’t beat yourself up, after all, you are human. By now you may have realized that it can be tough work getting back on track after weight gain. In fact, it can be extremely dishearting and frustrating seeing how much the scale has gone up. First thing is first, we’re here to help. Don’t panic.  It is better to take a step back and look at your options before you give up. In the moment, it might seem impossible to get back on track, but it’s not. Seriously. Even if you have been off track for months, you can get back to losing weight.  Remember why you began this journey in the first place… You know that this is something you want, now here are some tips to make starting back up again a bit easier.

Key Tips For Getting Back on Track After Weight Gain

1. Don’t let yourself feel guilty, remain positive and move forward! You can’t undo what’s already been done, but you can move forward. Don’t beat yourself up, instead remind yourself that you deserve to be healthy and happy. You deserve to move on and try harder today.

2. Get back to protocol and resume normal HCG approved meals. Make sure you are beginning the day on the right track. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST! If you don’t eat small frequent meals it helps your metabolism and it helps prevent you from eating ravenously and binging on food. Doing this on the HCG Diet means splitting up your meals. For breakfast you can have a serving of fruit. For a snack you can have your Melba Toast. For lunch a protein and veggie serving. Then For a snack your second Melba Toast serving of the day. For dinner a protein and veggie, and finally for an evening snack your second fruit serving. These small consistent meals will really help you prevent getting too hungry.

3. Evaluate your relationship with the scale. There are two types of responses to stepping on the scale and seeing a number that is higher than you’d like. For some people it’s motivating. For others it’s discouraging. Traditionally on the HCG Diet, it’s recommended that you weigh every single day. However, if you are extremely discouraged with the number you are seeing on the scale, and if that discouragement is leading you to do things like overeat or sabotage your progress, it may be time to take a break from weighing yourself. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, put all your focus and effort into writing goals down and planning healthy meals. When you feel ready, and when you’ve stuck to your program, you can weigh again.  Weighing yourself should be a motivating experience, so if you’re dreading it, don’t do it.

4. Find your why. It’s easier to stay motivated with your diet when you understand that you don’t just want to do it, but there’s a reason why you’re doing it. Your reasons why might be because you just got diagnosed with diabetes, you want to see your kid graduate college, you’re tired of shopping in the plus size section, or maybe it’s something different. Whatever your reason why, it needs to be more important than eating unhealthy foods. Find your why and learn to hold onto it when you are having a hard time sticking to your diet.

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5. Make  home cooked dinners. Resist going to eat out where you might try to “reward yourself” with food that will not help you get back on track. When you take time to cook a meal that you know will nourish your body and help you get closer to your goals, you’ll feel empowered! If you need ideas to help you out with HCG Approved Meals, you can find some here.

6. Earn some endophins with a little exercise. The HCG Diet doesn’t require you to do anything too vigorous, but you can always go for a long walk, your try some body weight movements. We have a whole blog about HCG approved workouts. Exercising helps you feel confident and strong, and when you feel confident and strong, you are more likely to make healthy choices.

Getting back on track seems daunting at first, but it’s definitely something you are capable of. If you need additional help, call our diet coaches. They are there to provide troubleshooting, help and support at no additional cost to you: 877-485-1030.

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