HCG Desserts: Phase 2 Candy Strawberries

Candy Strawberries
Goodbye Twizzlers! Hello to Candy Strawberries.

Overcoming a sweet tooth on the HCG Diet can be tough. Generally when clients are craving a sweet treat we recommend that they drink some water and eat a piece of fruit, but sometimes raw fruit just doesn’t cut it.  That’s where these candy strawberries  come in. They taste so delicious, and they are easy to make.

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Candy Strawberries

-1 pound strawberries
-Stevia to taste

Wash strawberries and dry them well. Heat oven to 210 degrees. Halve strawberries long ways. Place strawberries on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle with powdered stevia. Bake at 210 F for 3 hours. 1 serving = 6-9 whole strawberries. Counts as 1 serving of fruit.

This makes a few servings, so to avoid over-indulging place the remaining strawberries in snack bags and put them away immediately.

Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry Salsa Recipe

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