Hearty HCG Approved Tomato Soup Recipe

November 4, 2014 No Comments

There’s just something special about a bowl of hot soup after a long day. Soup is comfort food, and if you do it right it can be comfort food without the calories! Here’s a great HCG Approved Tomato soup recipe that you will LOVE! Next time it’s cold out and you’ve had a tough day, […]

HCG Approved Cabbage Rolls Recipe

September 24, 2014 No Comments

We love finding new ways to use HCG approved veggies. These cabbage rolls are a unique way to have an delicious HCG Approved hot meal! They are simple to make and you can even change out the beef for chicken! Cabbage Rolls Recipe 2-3 cabbage leaves 100 grams lean ground beef 1 tablespoon chopped onion […]

HCG Approved Texas Chicken Cabbage Recipe

August 20, 2014 No Comments

Spice up dinner tonight with this delicious Texas Chicken Cabbage Recipe! It’s approved for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet and it’s packed with spicy flavor. Texas Chicken Cabbage Recipe 100 grams chicken, chopped 2 c cabbage finely chopped into rice sized (I used a food processor) 1 cup low sodium, fat-free chicken broth or […]

HCG Phase 2 Chicken Salad Cucumber Cups Recipe

August 6, 2014 No Comments

Chicken salad cucumber cups are a favorite during the summer time. If you’re looking for meal ideas that don’t use the stove, stick to the HCG Diet, AND use some of those garden goodies you’ve been picking. Chicken Salad Cucumber Cups 1 large cucumber 4 oz of cooked chicken, shredded or cut small 1/2 tomato, […]

HCG Desserts: Phase 2 Candy Strawberries

June 4, 2014 No Comments

Goodbye Twizzlers! Hello to Candy Strawberries. Overcoming a sweet tooth on the HCG Diet can be tough. Generally when clients are craving a sweet treat we recommend that they drink some water and eat a piece of fruit, but sometimes raw fruit just doesn’t cut it.  That’s where these candy strawberries  come in. They taste […]

Phase 2 Curry Shrimp

April 24, 2013 No Comments

Looking for a way to spice up your dinner while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet? Try this delicious Curry Shrimp recipe! Curry Shrimp •100 g shrimp •1 onion, chopped •1 teaspoon garlic paste (3-4 cloves, minced) •1/8 cup water •1/2 teaspoon curry powder •1/4 teaspoon cumin •Salt & pepper, to taste Preheat a […]

3 Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

October 24, 2012 No Comments

This is the perfect Phase 2 approved dessert. It’s perfect for satisfying a craving for ice cream but doesn’t come with any guilt! Ingredients: 8 Medium Strawberries 1 T. Milk or Almond Milk 1 Stevia Packet Cut stems off strawberries and wash well. In a small food processor, combine strawberries with milk and stevia until […]