Healthy Tips for Earth Day

Healthy Tips For Earth DayIt’s Earth Day, and that means thinking of how we can treat the world better. When we work to clean up pollution, reduce carbon emissions and be smarter about how we use resources, the earth will be a healthier place to live.

This focus on earth health makes Earth Day a great time to be thinking about your personal health, too. The folks at Huffington Post have an article today about ways you can make healthy food swaps that are good for the earth, too. Here’s an example of one of their tips:

It’s all about looking locally, Sheth says: “When produce is picked fresh, you’re maximizing the nutrient value.” Locally-grown produce isn’t forced to lose its nutrient value during a long process of getting to your plate — and it doesn’t require the same energy to get it there, either.

There are plenty more ideas where that came from. Click here to check out the original article.

 This Earth Day, Make Healthy Food Swaps That Are Good For You And The Planet (from

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