How to Pack Meals Ahead of Time

Pack Meals Ahead Of TimeWhat’s one of the hardest times of the day for HCG Dieters? Lunch time.

You may think, “But lunch is easy! That’s when we have everything we’re allowed to eat laid out for us!”

That’s true – everything you’re allowed to eat is clearly explained in the HCG Diet protocol, and you can find lots of delicious HCG Diet Recipes in our downloadable ebook.

But what if you forgot (or didn’t have time) to pack an HCG-approved lunch with you? That’s when it gets hard to stay on protocol.

Here are some tips you can use to shed pounds (and save dollars) by packing a lunch well ahead of time.

Take Saturday Afternoons to Plan

Taking just 20 minutes on a Saturday afternoon can help you seriously plan your week and prepare your lunches.

Why Saturday afternoon instead of another time?

  • You’ll have a day and a half before Monday to shop for and prepare your week’s lunches
  • Usually, Saturday afternoons are a little less busy than Sunday evenings
  • You’ll feel more relaxed on the weekend and able to make food decisions that aren’t based in emotion

Of course, if you want to plan at some other time of the week, that’s completely okay. Do what works best for you.

Have Backup Meals Ready

While planning ahead and getting your meals for the week in advance is a good idea, there WILL be those nights when you simply don’t have time or forget to prepare a lunch for the next day. If you have some healthy backup meals ready to go, you won’t have to worry. This can be as simple as a Triumph Slim shake or even a can of tuna (or other lean meat that stores well). Add a few veggies and approved fruits to it, and Bam! You’ve got yourself a backup lunch that won’t make you cheat.

Shop Early and Often

If you’re out of the ingredients you need for your HCG Diet-approved lunch, you’ll have a hard time staying on protocol when it’s time to eat. Instead, shop for your groceries early and often. (This is especially challenging if you’re like most people and eat fast food a lot.)

This may mean multiple trips to the store every week, but trust us – your weight loss (and the money you’ll save from not eating fast food) are worth it.

(Besides, it’s cheaper to make your own lunch than eat out every day!)

Stay Dedicated

It’s so easy to say to yourself, “Well, I’ll treat myself to a delicious lunch today because I’ve earned it!”


It’s not worth it. Cheating leads to diet stalls, and more importantly, when you cheat, it’s easier to cheat next time. Giving in just once makes it very difficult not to give in the next time.

You’re not just dieting for you – you’re dieting to improve your health and live a happier life. You’re dieting to set a good example for your friends, family and anyone who looks up to you. It’s worth it to stay strong!

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