How to Seize an Opportunity

How To Seize An OpportunityThink of a time when a great opportunity came your way. Maybe it was a new job opportunity, or maybe someone asked you on a date. Maybe you could have invested in Google or Apple before their stock prices skyrocketed – your opportunity could be anything.

Did you take it?

If you’re like most people, you didn’t. You stayed content in your normal life, and nothing extraordinary happened.

Maybe, in fact, your life got worse.

If you take the right opportunities, you can have greater wealth, health, friends, stability, comfort, and happiness. A secret to success in life is finding which opportunities you need to take to get ahead – just ask any successful person.

So how do you make sure you take good opportunities and turn down the bad ones?

How to Seize an Opportunity Before it Expires

It may feel somewhat daunting to approach a new opportunity. Many people report they feel overwhelmed at the things that could go wrong and the ways their lives could be worse if a new opportunity doesn’t work out.

But what if, instead, you asked what could go right?

Think about it: very few decisions will actually ruin your life if they don’t turn out. The decision to lose weight, for example: what could go wrong? You’ll lose too much weight? You won’t lose enough weight? If you’re making any progress at all, that’s something to celebrate.

Here’s a step-by-step way to look at opportunities and seize the right ones:

  1. Weigh out the pros and cons from each opportunity.
  2. Imagine the worst-case scenario if the opportunity doesn’t work out (usually, these aren’t even that bad).
  3. Take the opportunity and see what happens.

That’s right – we say take it. Too much of life is spent turning down fun, friends, time and more. Take a chance on yourself. Try something new today and see how different your life can be. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Remember, if you don’t change anything in your life, nothing will be different or better tomorrow!

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