Last Minute Gift Ideas for a Healthy Holiday

Last Minute Gift Ideas Healthy Holiday
With Christmas less than a week away, holiday-season stress is nearing its peak. Since stress and weight gain are connected, it’s a pretty important subject here at We’ve covered ways to deal with holiday stress before, but today we’re giving tips on practical ways you can combat one of the biggest sources of holiday stress: shopping for gifts.

You’ve got only days to find the perfect gift. There’s good news, though: you still have time to make your gift memorable and healthy-minded! Here are a few of our favorite healthy holiday gift ideas this year.

Shaker Cup

Want to encourage healthy lunch shakes instead of fast food? Make choosing a nutritious drink simple by gifting a shaker cup. You can even decorate it to make it even more personal. It’s simple, it’s useful, and it encourages good health.

Lunch Tote

Giving someone a lunch tote to pack lunch will make the choice to go healthy (and save money). Help someone stick to their healthy goals with a lunch tote they can use to carry food to and from work.


A good multivitamin is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and just about any diet is improved when a solid miltivitamin is added. Give someone the gift of boosted energy and overall health in a simple bottle of multivitamins.

A Healthy Recipe Book

Another way to eat healthier is to make your own food instead of eating out. Give someone a healthy cookbook to make choosing healthy meals easier. (A healthy recipe book would be a great companion to a lunch tote so they can enjoy great-tasting meals at the office!)

A Gym Membership

While choosing who to give a gym membership to needs to be done “sensitively,” it’s a great way to encourage someone who’s been talking about needing to get back in shape. Here’s a tip: choose a gym close to where your recipient works so he or she can go during lunch or just before/after work.

Fruit Basket with Gift Card for Healthy Food

Make healthy shopping a breeze with a gift card to a local health food store. Whether it’s Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Albertsons, you can get a gift card to a local store that sells healthy fruits and veggies. Include it in a fruit basket and include a note that says something like, “Here’s a little something to restock the fruit when it’s gone!”

Healthy gifts don’t have to be hard. With a few more days before Christmas, there’s still time to give a healthy gift for someone you care about.

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