Navigating Special Days on the HCG Diet

Navigating Special DaysOne of the biggest fears of starting a diet for many people is, “What do I do if I’m on the HCG Diet and get invited to spend time with friends?” Social eating usually means overeating, and for those on a diet, that means disaster.

With the Valentine’s Day holiday coming up, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll navigate the upcoming holiday. Many couples plan a special evening of going to a fancy restaurant filled with delicious food, beautiful roses, and  – frighteningly – chocolate. How can you celebrate the day without breaking your diet?

Of course, dieters face the same problem any time there’s a birthday, holiday, cause for celebration and more. These times don’t have to spell disaster, though. We’ve got some tips to help you stick with your diet even on a holiday.

Make a Plan

Planning ahead is by far the best way to stick with a diet during socially difficult at times. For example, if you know you’ll be going to a restaurant for a holiday, can you see the menu beforehand? If so, try to choose something that’s HCG Diet-approved. If you’re holding your own party, simply choose to make sure you have a treat or meal that won’t break protocol.

Be Open

Don’t be afraid to talk about your diet to the people you’ll be spending time with before diet temptations. Let them know you’re on a special diet so they won’t feel offended or surprised when you gracefully decline sugary treats. This will also make it simpler to avoid breaking your diet.

Start with Dessert

Here’s a tip that gets passed around occasionally: just like eating your bigger meals earlier in the day can make it easier to keep under your calorie count for the day. This is especially a great tip if you’re on the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet. You’ll be able to get the good stuff without accidentally overeating when the post-dinner meal is all-too-tempting.

Remember Your Goals

It’s easy to think, “Just one time won’t hurt!” Well, if it’s only one time, then that’s true. But when we allow our resolve to waver – even for a minute – it will be that much harder in the future to resist temptations. Remember your goals and why you’re trying to avoid unhealthy foods. Remember what you’re going to do when you’ve lost your weight. Think about the time you’ve already spent on your diet and how much it will be worth the cost when you’ve arrived at your goals.

Finally, take this advice from our Pinterest page. Keep it in mind when you’re tempted to break your diet, even for a holiday

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