Fear of Dieting

October 23, 2012 No Comments

The decision to lose weight and ultimately change your life can be scary. Ask yourself this,”Is it really the diet I am afraid of, or is it failing at the diet?” By letting fear control the future, success is no more in our grasp than it is if we tried and failed. Take the steps […]

Living Limitless

October 18, 2012 No Comments

Sometimes we set limits for our body and mind without ever testing those limits. Once we can acknowledge what these limits are, we can test them and ultimately surpass them. For instance, maybe the thought of jogging intimidates you. Instead of living with that intimidation, analyze why you feel that way. Perhaps jogging intimidates you […]

Refuse and refocus

October 16, 2012 No Comments

Losing weight is difficult. At times there will be moments when giving up seems like the best option. In reality, giving up is not the best option. There is a reason you started this journey in the first place, and chances are that reason still exists. In moments like these, the best solution isn’t to […]

Bringing sexy back


 Society tries to tell us that skinny is sexy. In reality, being healthy is sexy. Take care of your body and love the physical features that make you unique. Society has it all wrong, confidence is one of the sexiest qualities we can possess . Remember that even though you may not be at your goal weight, you are still a sexy beast!  Keep taking steps to better your health and don’t let society distort your confidence. 

What makes you feel sexy?