Reason to Lose Weight: Become a Model

Reason To Lose Weight: Become A ModelHere’s some motivation to lose weight: want to become a model?

Taken from, here’s a story about someone who went from being overweight to working as a professional model. After a sports injury, Dan McMullen gained weight.

A lot of weight.

While we naturally think he could have reached his weight loss goals a lot faster using the HCG Diet, Dan’s story shows just one of the ways losing weight and getting in shape can completely change your life. From the article:

“My confidence around women skyrocketed,” he says. But that was just the beginning. “One day I was walking through the mall and got stopped by a modeling agent,” he recalls. “At first I was pretty skeptical, but when I found out he was the real deal, it was just, ‘Wow.’ ”

Read his whole story (and incredibly intense workout program) by clicking here.

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