Yep, We’re Also Doing the HCG Diet

The team doesn’t just try to get other people to do the HCG Diet – nearly all of us have lost weight with it in the past. We’re also very realistic when it comes to our own weight loss goals. Let’s just say more than one of us resolved to slim down in 2013.

In order to get in the shape for 2013, several of us in the office are holding a weight loss contest. Using the 26-day HCG Diet kits, we’re trying to see who can lose the highest percentage of body weight after 26 days of protocol.

So far, so good. We started Tuesday (instead of Monday due to the Civil Rights Day holiday), and several of us have lost a lot of weight. Here’s what some of our office staff have to say about their progress:

  • “I LOVE doing the diet. I feel better, I sleep better at night, I can wake up like 45 minutes earlier in the morning without feeling groggy – its just way better. I’ve lost an average of 2 pounds per day since Tuesday.”
  • “I’m losing about 0.8 to 1 pound per day, and I’ve been doing the protocol for three days.”
  • “I actually had a big breakfast, so I’m up 2 ounces. Augh!” (Note that this person had the flu for two days this week – bummer)`
  • “I’ve lost 4.8 pounds since Tuesday” – Lowery, who runs (you can follow her inspiring journey with the HCG Diet at her blog and read about how she’s lost over 80 pounds on the HCG Diet!)
  • “I started the 500 calorie diet on Tuesday and have lost 5 pounds since then. But seriously – I love the diet. I just feel better on it.”

Yep – the HCG Diet works. If you’ve been thinking about weight loss and want to see some real results fast, then get yourself a diet kit today. Don’t wait – you can safely lose weight faster than ANY other diet. The longer you go without losing weight, the higher your risk for health complications. Frankly, you don’t have time to stay at an unhealthy weight.

(If you want a little guidance on your diet journey, you can buy our new ebook then use your 60% off coupon to save yourself some money on one of our diet kits. That sale ends Monday, so act fast!)

We’ve got about two weeks left on the protocol, but we’re all very excited to see how well we do as a whole. We’ll keep posting updates on this blog, so check back often!

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  • Charla Miller

    Hi, I do not have an e reader, is there any other way to get the book?

    • Matt

      Yes. You can actually download it right to your computer and read it on your screen. No e-reader necessary!

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