4 Habits of Healthy People

Think of the healthiest person you know. Now try to imagine what it would be like if you could spend a day in their shoes. You could see  what they eat, see how they exercise and even sleep. Imagine what you would learn. While you may not be able to experience the life of your healthy friend first person,  there are certain habits that your healthy friend has that are acutally common between the majority of healthy people. Below we”ll break down 4 habits that your healthy friend and thousands of other healthy individuals share. While these habits seem simple, they influence other decisions that contribute to overall health and well-being. See which of these four you currently practice and which ones you need to work on developing.

Physical Activity

4 Habits of Healthy PeopleHealthy people make a habit of exercising regularly. Not only does physical activity  improve physical health, but it’s a great way to release endorphins and daily stress improving mental health. The methods of exercise vary, but one thing is common: healthy people make time for exercise, no matter what. It’s recommended to strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Go for a walk on your lunch break, take a zumba class at the fitness center, or buy a workout video that you can do in the living room. If none of those are for you,  there are hundreds of other options out there, all you need to do is find the ones you love and get moving!

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Portion Size

Healthy people know how to avoid binging and they are more likely to stick to single servings of snacks. They know that an occasional serving of chips won’t totally wreck their diet, but that eating more than one serving is opening the door to over-indulgence. Instead of loading their plates with food, they eat until they are full and then they stop. Portion control means satisfying your hunger and fueling your body with enough just food. It can be difficult to break the habit of overeating, but there are some simple things you can try. For instance, instead of taking your bag of chips to the couch and eating, measure out an individual serving, put them in a bowl, put the bag away, and take your bowl to the couch. Instead drinking a tall glass of milk, measure out 8 oz and sip it slowly.

They can say, “No.”

4 Habits of Healthy PeopleSaying no isn’t just about turning down unhealthy foods, it’s about saying no to giving up things that aren’t contributing to your overall health. Healthy people understand that going out with friends unexpectedly can mean giving up their scheduled workout. They understand that saying yes to too many extra projects can mean mental stress, which in turn can trigger stress eating and less sleep. Saying no isn’t a bad thing, and by learning to say no, healthy people are giving themselves a chance to live well balanced lives, both mentally and physically.

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Positive Energy

Nothing is healthier than a positive attitude. Healthy people know that tomorrow is a new day and that no matter what happens good can come out of every situation. When we stay positive, we don’t let things like eating too much or skipping a workout affect us. We don’t let small setbacks prevent us from getting back on track, or trying a bit harder tomorrow. A bad run is a learning experience. Too much food was a temporary lapse in judgement that is easily corrected by recommitting. Not only are healthy people positive about setting and working toward goals, but healthy people are positive about life in general. Each day is an opportunity to improve and contribute.

Which of these healthy habits do you practice? Which one are you going to work on developing this week?

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