8 Things That Could Ruin Your New Year’s Resolution

8 Things Ruin New Year's ResolutionSo you set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Good for you! But did you know that 92% of people will not achieve their resolutions? That’s a pretty substantial amount of people. If only they knew how to avoid these 8 things that are likely ruining their resolve to lose weight. Good thing you’re here. Avoid these 8 New Year’s resolution killers and you just might be in the 8% who follow through.

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals
We’ve all done it at one point or another. We get excited to lose weight, then we realize that goal to lose 20 pounds in a week wasn’t very realistic. If you are setting a goal to lose weight, you need to know how much you want to lose as well as how you plan on losing it, and how long it will take you. Most people lose 1-2 pounds per day on the HCG Diet, so setting a goal to lose 7 pounds in a week is realistic. If you’re using another program, you can expect to lose .5-3 pounds per week.  Allow yourself enough time to reach your goal. Don’t set a goal that will have you rushing. Write your goal down as well as your target date. If you need to re-evaluate your goal, that’s perfectly fine. Your goal is just that, yours. Make it doable and tailor it to your particular situation.

2. Not planning ahead
Sometimes when we’re so excited to get started on a goal,  we think, “I’m so determined. Nothing can stop me!” But in our excitement we  forget that we are all human and, we WILL inevitably run into situations where it will be hard to stick to our goal. Maybe it’s working extra late and not having a chance to pack dinner. Maybe it’s a wedding, birthday party, or company party with all sorts of unhealthy goodies. Do your very best to plan ahead for these occasions. Is it possible to pack your own? Is it possible to request a certain restaurant or dish that won’t completely wreck your diet? It’s easier to manage social situations when you go into them with a plan. Without one you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of eating something that doesn’t align with your goal. Even a small cheat can set you back.

3. Caving to peer pressure
Unless your new year’s resolution to lose weight also includes never spending time with friends or family, chances are you’re going to encounter peer pressure to have an extra serving of food, skip a workout, or ditch your diet all together. I’m telling you right now, don’t give it. It’s YOUR goal, not your friends’. There’s are reasons you’re doing what you’re doing, and they might not be aware of those reasons. Let them know that it’s important to you, and you’d like their support. If they can’t support you, you may want to take a little space from them until you feel confident that the peer pressure won’t phase you.

4. Getting Impatient
Just like with setting unrealistic goals, getting impatient is a sure fire when to ruin your resolution. Dramatic results will not happen over night, they just won’t. It’s important to realize that losing weight isn’t instant. Even after you’ve lost the weight you will work your whole life to maintain it. I’m not saying that to make you feel helpless, I’m just trying to help you realize that if you don’t lose a pound one day, it’s not a big deal. You can try again tomorrow. It took more than a day to gain the weight, it will take more than a day to lose it.

5. Negative Attitude
Negativity ruins progress. It makes you think you’re not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be happy, and that losing weight isn’t worth it. All of those things are false, but a negative mindset will try to convince you otherwise. When you are faced with difficulties during your diet make an effort to find something positive in the situation. Remind yourself that you are a capable person and you will bounce back from whatever it is you are experiencing. If you’re having a hard time shaking the negative attitude, listen to some positive music, go for a run, fake a smile, or even take a nap.

6. Not giving yourself an incentive
While reaching your goal weight is an incredibly exciting incentive to dieting, sometimes you need a little extra push along the way. Set up an incentive plan to help motivate yourself when the going gets tough. What will you do for yourself when you reach your goal? How can you reward yourself along the way?

7. Forgetfulness
Being forgetful can cause some big diet setbacks. If you are a forgetful person, make sure you are setting alarms to remind yourself when to eat, when to exercise, when to drink water, ect. Put post it notes on your front door to remind yourself to grab your workout bag and your packed lunch. Also, tape your goals to your mirror so that every morning your remember what it is you’re trying to do. Have you ever set a goal to not eat sugar, then later that day you realize you accidentally ate a cookie because you forgot you were going to go without sugar that day? Don’t let yourself forget. Write things down and set alarms for yourself. It can make all the difference!

8. Giving Up After One Bad Day
Bad days happen to the best of us. But just because you have one day without weight loss or one day where you slip up doesn’t mean your whole resolution is ruined. Just get back on track! You don’t just get a fresh start when the new year comes, you get a fresh start each and every day. You have a whole year reach your goal, and every day that you wake up alive and well is another opportunity to get you closer and closer to where you want to be.

Are you going to be in the 8% who succeed? We think you’ve got a pretty good shot.

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