Could Getting in Shape Make You Smarter?

Could Getting in Shape Make You Smarter
We know working out makes us feel more relaxed, optimistic and simply better, but could exercise make us smarter? A new study from Michigan State published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness links the physical fitness of children to their performance on report cards.

As reported by Health24,

The results showed the fittest children got the highest test scores and the best grades, regardless of gender or whether they’d yet gone through puberty.

The findings suggest schools that cut physical education and recess to focus on core subjects may undermine students’ success on the standardised tests that affect school funding and prestige, said co-author James Pivarnik, who advised Coe on the project.

Incredible, huh? It’s still unclear how the benefits of fitness transfer to performance as adults, but at least you have another reason why getting in shape is a great idea!

The Journal of Sports Medicine and Fitness via Health24

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