How much fat are you carrying around?

How Much Fat Are You Carrying Around?Here’s an interesting activity: you can actually estimate how many pounds of fat are in your body with a few simple formulas. Follow these steps.

Measure Body Fat Percentage

You can easily measure body fat percentage with a diet scale. You can also do this using a simple formula to convert your BMI to body fat if you’re fine with a rough estimate.

Do Some Math

Divide your body fat percentage by 100, then multiply that number by your total body weight to find the total pounds of fat in your body.

Here’s the formula:

(Body Fat Percentage/100) x Total Body Weight = Total Pounds of Fat in Your Body

For example, if someone weights 210 pounds and has a body fat percentage of just 22%, that person has:

(22/100) x 210 = 46.2 pounds of fat!

How Much Fat Should You Lose?

Of course, you don’t want to lose too much fat. The healthy range of body fat percentage for women is between 23-33% on average, and the healthy range for men is between 10-21% on average. Here’s a full chart:


Does your body fat fall into the healthy range? How much weight do you need to lose to get back to healthy? How much do you want to lose? Use these numbers when setting your diet goals to have healthy goals.

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