The True Cost of Eating Out

“But shopping for food is so expensive!”

We at HCG Triumph hear this a lot from our customers. One of the main reasons people eat out some much is the idea that shopping at the grocery store so expensive. The price of milk is going up, and let’s not get started on the price of veggies and fruits. The cost of shopping for yourself at the grocery store can’t possibly be less than eating fast food, right? Especially with dollar menus?

WRONG. It turns out the true cost of fast food is much, much higher than you spend yourself. Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got plenty sources to back up our claim.

True Cost of Fast Food

True Cost of Eating OutIt’s easy to see the true cost of fast food when you break it down on a meal-by-meal basis. Since you can’t usually buy individual portions at the grocery store – or at least it’s inconvenient to do so – it seems like getting fast food lunch or dinner is cheaper. What happened when one website broke down the actual cost of fast food versus groceries?

You probably guessed it – eating out was far, far more expensive than buying groceries.

This blog post explains it all. Here’s an excerpt

Today we’re setting out to prove that healthy eating is possible on any budget.

We compared the cost of unhealthy foods from the drive-thru, freezer section and snack foods aisle to the cost of healthy foods. By making even one of these swaps, you can make room in your grocery budget for a few new healthy foods.

See this article for more information.

A little bit of browsing on that post will show you how much more expensive – usually four or five times more expensive – fast food is than a healthy diet.

The HCG Diet Helps Reset Your Food Cravings, Saving You Money When You Don’t Crave Those Burgers

One of the great benefits advertised by the HCG diet is the way it helps you reset your food cravings. After several weeks of staying on the HCG protocol, your body will no longer crave junk food. This means when it comes time to choosing between fast food or something from the grocery store, you will naturally want to choose the latter, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars every month.

This means that even though the HCG diet is an initial investment, it pays for itself in just a month of healthy eating. Over two, three, or six months, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars over the cost of eating out.

(This doesn’t even include the cost of medical bills for weight related health problems, which usually range in the thousands!)

Eat Healthier – It’s Cheaper!

As you can see, eating healthy is actually cheaper both the short-term and in the long run. It takes a little more planning, and a little more forethought when planning your meals, but it can be done. If you need to reset the foods your desire and kick the fast food habit while losing weight, there’s no better way than the HCG Diet. Make the investment in yourself today by ordering an HCG Diet kit and getting started on your complete health reboot. Your appetite will change for the better, benefiting not only your health but also your wallet.

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