5 Ways to Make Sure Phase 3 Doesn’t Wreck Your Diet

Make Sure Phase 3 Doesn't Wreck Your DietIt’s tempting to finish phase 2 of the HCG Diet, think “I’ve done it!” and start splurging. You been working hard for weeks, and now it’s your big chance to eat whatever you want since phase 2 is over.

… Not quite. Instead of seeing phase 3 as the time when you can go back to old eating habits – and potentially undo all the hard work you’ve accomplished on phase two – you can see phase 3 as the time when you can lock in your progress. If you do phase 3 correctly, you will ensure your weight-loss lasts and you don’t go back to the habits that contributed to unhealthy weight gain in the first place. Here are a few simple steps you can take in order to maintain your weight loss and stay healthy.

Count Every Calorie

One of the the easiest way you can accidentally overeat and get back into old habits is by not keeping track of your calorie count on phase 3. The way to overcome this is to use an app to track every single thing that goes into your mouth. Even if it’s just a snack or fun size candy bar, you should still love you. Here’s one of our blog posts that describes some of the most popular apps to keep track of your calorie count and stay slim.

NEVER Justify Bad Eating

It’s easy to say, “I’ll break my diet just this once.” That attitude is one of the most dangerous any dieter can have. Cheating on phase 3 means you’re going to cheat after, too. It means you’re going to get closer and closer to your old eating habits and start putting on the pounds again. Remember, did your site is not just for the 26 or 40 days you were on it. It’s for a complete life change.

Tell Yourself, “It’s Only 3 Weeks!”

The final phase of the HCG Diet isn’t very long – it’s only three weeks – but it’s very important. Why is this? It’s because phase 3 is the time when you lock in your new habits. It may seem hard, but if you can make it through all three weeks and stayed true to the protocol. It is going to be much easier to continue in future.

How does this work? As you stay on the protocol to face three, you will only be consuming 1500 cal per day. After three weeks of this, your body will naturally crave only about that many calories. You simply won’t have the old cravings for 3000 calorie days or 4500 calorie days.

Take it Slow

A common way people undo their diet work in phase 3 is by jumping right back into their old eating habits. Remember, the HCG Diet protocol says to slowly reintroduce fats into your diet. This doesn’t mean you can go get a fast food burger on the first day after your diet. Instead, get some ground beef and cook the hamburger at home after about two weeks of phase 3. You never want to go back to unhealthy eating habits, and taking it slow helps you stay in control.

Begin Exercising

Finally, exercising is a good way to encourage her body to have healthy cravings. As you work your muscles in inappropriate way don’t overdo it, you will crave proteins, nutrients and other things that build your body’s natural strength.

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