Sticking to Your Diet is a Choice

Each day of your diet, you will have to make the choice. Are you going to give up, give in or give it all you’ve got? You have the tools, the support and the potential to reach your goal [...]

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How to Seize an Opportunity

Think of a time when a great opportunity came your way. Maybe it was a new job opportunity, or maybe someone asked you on a date. Maybe you could have invested in Google or Apple before their [...]

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Definition of Calories

Remember, calories add up quickly! Keep a daily food journal to track the calories in all of your meals and snacks. Doing this can help prevent overeating. Check Out More Motivational Quotes Here

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Remember the Reward of a Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner, which means you only have a few months to prep your body for your itsy bitsy bikini! With such a short amount of time to get to where you want to be, it’s [...]

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You Can Make it Through Monday

Mondays always seem to bring extra work, extra errands and extra stress. Stress can have a negative effect on your diet if you let it get the best of you. When you’re running around trying [...]

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Remember What You Deserve

Never convince yourself that you deserve anything less than a healthy body and a happy life. It is easy to let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Sometimes these negative thoughts take a toll on [...]

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Manage Cravings, Manage Regret

Craving junk food can be one of the hardest things to overcome. Remember that most cravings you experience are all mental. You can over come them if you take the time to think the situation [...]

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What’s your motivation?

Losing weight is easier when you have something that inspires and motivates you. Everyone has different reasons for losing weight, what’s your? Whatever your reason for losing weight, [...]

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A Reminder to Be Patient

Progress is one of the best motivators on a diet. What better way is there to start your morning than seeing a one pound loss from the day before? Unfortunately, there is also a flip side to this [...]

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