Health Myths Keeping You Fat!

Healthy Myths Keeping You FatSlimming down can be hard – especially when you’ve added that “deep fat” that’s so hard to get rid of. Want to know something scary that might make it worse? There are a lot of myths about health that keep us from losing weight. From ridiculous myths about water to pseudo-science related to weight loss (that doesn’t work), here’s a list of some of the craziest health myths that might be keeping you fat.

Never Drink Cold Water!

One myth that gets passed around more than common sense should allow is the idea that drinking cold water actually makes you fat. “When you drink cold water,” supporters say, “Your body spends energy actually warming up the water before it digests your food, so your food doesn’t get properly digested and instead is stored as fat.”

Here’s a fun exercise: fill your mouth with a swig of cold water, but don’t swallow it. How long does that water stay cold? That’s right – not for more than a few seconds. Since your body is pretty close to 100 degrees fahrenheit, the natural heat emanating from your body will warm what’s inside. You don’t need to “digest” water to warm it up.

What’s More Important: Drinking More Water

Instead of avoiding cold water (or warm water, or hot water . . .) you should instead focus on getting enough water. Your body needs water to survive, and not having enough water in your diet makes it difficult to lose weight. In fact, drinking a lot of water is essential on the HCG Diet.

All Fat is Bad for You!

Some people believe that any fat needs to be avoided. “If I don’t consume fat,” they think, “Then I won’t GET fat!” So they check the fat content of every label on every item they buy from the grocery store.

…And they still get fat. What gives?

What’s More Important: Sugars, Carbs and Calories

White sugars and carbohydrates – refined carbohydrates – are actually what cause a lot of weight loss. Where do you find these refined carbs? That’s right – in high calorie foods like drive through burgers and white bread. Even if you don’t consume fat, consuming sugar leads to fat. Fat is simply stored energy, so when you consume sugars and carbs, your body will process and convert those into stored fat.

Plus, your body actually needs fats – the good fats – to properly function (your brain is high in fat, for example). Instead of obsessing over fat content in your foods, you can avooid the need to think about fats entirely if you follow these steps:

  1. Choose fruits, vegetables and food you make yourself when picking a snack
  2. NO FAST FOOD. Ever.
  3. Cut soda and pop (or, if you like, “soda pop”) out of your diet. Drink water instead.
  4. Set a daily calorie  goal and stick to it.

Honestly, those three steps are going to get you more mileage than if you obsess over total fat content.

Calories Don’t Matter if it’s Healthy Foods

Finally, a myth keeping people from losing weight is that they can eat as much as they want and not worry about calories – as long as what they’re eating is healthy.
Wrong, again. Calories make ALL the difference.

What Works: Tracking Calories and Sticking With a Goal

There’s a reason the HCG Diet protocol is so particular in the calorie count on each phase of the HCG Diet. It’s only by adhering to this specific protocol that people are able to actually lose weight and keep it off.

The fact is, calories are calories. If your body isn’t burning every one of the calories you ingest every day (and a little bit more), you’re not going to lose weight. You could eat piles and piles of carrots, apples and bananas and still gain weight (although that’d be a LOT of carrots)!

If you are serious about losing weight, here’s a surefire method that’s not a myth: find a diet that works and stick to it. Obviously, we hope you try the HCG Diet because so many people who use it prove it works. But if you DO go with a different diet plan, remember these diet myths and feel free to be a little skeptical if something sounds a little too good to be true – sometimes it is.

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