Losing Weight In College: Your Guide to Easy Results

Losing Weight In College
The Freshman 15.  Maybe you’ve heard friends and family joke about the inevitability of weight gain in college, but it might not be a joke you find humor in when you step on the scale and see the scale is actually creeping up.  Losing weight in college is tough.  You have the stress of classes, tuition, roommates, and your social life. It’s hard to be healthy when you are busy, tired, and broke. That being said, it’s time to ditch the freshman 15.

5 Tips for Losing Weight In College

1. If you’re goal is losing weight in college, try joining a Physical Education class for fun and to keep off extra pounds. One of my favorites in college was Pilates and aerobics. Being in a class that takes attendance will help keep you accountable and incentivises you to do your workout.

2. Shop smart by using lists and planning ahead. Buy brown rice that you can make in the microwave. Mix in some veggies and canned chicken or tuna and you have a healthy meal that you can prepare in your dorm! Focus your snacks on whole grains, nuts or fruits.  If you eat at the cafeteria, be sure to get salads whenever possible. Skip the pizza, the ramen and the fast food!

3. Pack your lunch before you leave for the day. Suggest a cooking date instead of eating out at restaurants with your friends. Having a group BBQ or cooking together can help save time/money/and calories. Recipe idea for on the go lunches that are cheap. Buy some fresh deli meat and one head of lettuce/or romaine lettuce. Instant lettuce wraps!  You can even try adding a whole wheat tortilla and black beans. Pack an Avocado and salt and pepper. Cut in half and release the pit and you have an instant yummy avocado meal in a shell bowl.

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4. Portion Control and Snacking. Watch your portion sizes! Every little bit can add up over time. Healthy snacks and fresh food that replace vending machine and packaged goods are ideal. snacks that contain protein and whole grains for fuel, such as peanut butter and whole-grain crackers, hummus and carrots, fruit and hard boiled eggs, low-sugar yogurt and whole-grain cereal with skim milk.

5.  Juggling school, work, and other responsibilities can be a roller coaster of emotion. Make sure you choose proactive things as outlets instead of indulging in emotional eating. Try to take out your frustrations by going for a brisk walk, just make sure you walk in a park and not down the street to the Donut store.

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